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bushy tail

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I was just wondering why my cats sometimes will bush their tails out. I have noticed this happening for a while now, and at first, I thought it was just because they were annoyed or something to that effect. But Noah did it today when he jumped up on the bed. The tail just looks like it's thicker, and the fur on it stands to end! Weird. I've never had a cat do this to me before. And I noticed that it all started when I brought Cleopatra into the house. Anybody else's cats do this at all?? Does anyone know what it could mean?? Thanks in advance.
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Ha!! I love when they do that!! Xavier and Fallon's tails poof up all the time when they are playing rough. I've noticed a pattern with it though. It seems(with my cats anyway) when they get excitied or freaked out their tails poof up.

If Fallon and Mitzi are going at it Xavier's tail will poof up and he'll run over to check out what all the fuss is about. Of if Fallon knocks something over and it scares the crap out of her, her tail will poof up.

Also, it doesn't happen in my house but at work, if Kittymitts(who wanders freely around the clinic) gets spooked by a loud dog his tail will poof up.

I guess this would mean it's a fear and excitement reaction??
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I do not think you have to worry about this "tail-business" !!!:blubturq:
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Casper and Kitty usually have this happening when they are scared or very mad to each other. And sometimes just because they are running around the house and are happy!
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LOL. You don't really need to worry about it, as long as it's the only thing they are doing. (aka they don't start like their gonna kill each other).

My cats do it sometimes, particuarly around dogs they don't know. Its a sign of extreme fear/warning, they puff themselves up to appear bigger. When asim does it his tail becomes nearly 3 times its original size.
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My cat Cosmo does this at night when we play. It is really funny b/c his tail 'grows' to 10 times the normal size.

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Thank you!!! Good to know this is normal.
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Ophelia has short hair and when she gets scared or really into her playing her tail will fluff up. When she gets really startled, her tail puffs out to about 3x its normal size and she gets a mohawk going up ger back. I know she's scared but it so hard not to laugh at my little punker kitty!
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LOL I know!!

It is funny. Everytime I see it, I'm just like "My god, Asim baby, its ok!"
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