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Questions about vaccines

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Ok, I'm not sure if Puppy's vaccines were done right. Here's the thing.

He was owned by someone who had him neutered and took him to the SPCA. We don't know if he had any vaccines. The SPCA says they gave him something for respiratory infections and that was it. They said all cats that come in get the respiratory vaccine. The woman who got him from the SPCA claimed she got all his shots at the SPCA clinic, SPCA says she never even brought him in for the free rabies vaccine. The woman also had him declawed and microchipped at a vet, but the vet won't tell me whether he had any shots.

We told our vet to get him up to date with his shots. They gave him FEL-V and a Rabies 3 year.

Here's the thing, they never tested him for leukemia, they just gave him the vaccine. Should they have tested him? I didn't realize there was a test for it until recently. According to the vet I took him to, he needs another FVRCP-C in a year and a rabies in 3 years. Does this sound right?
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I think most if not all shelters check for leukemia when the cat comes in. Technically the test they use checks for exposure rather than actually having leukemia. If a cat is positive they either put them down or if it's a no kill organization they put them in a foster home where they are either the only cat or the other cats are also leukemia positive. The booster schedule that your vet gave you is the one used by most vets. There is a lot of controversy now about how often boosters are given but this is the coventional one that is used.
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I've decided to get my cats vaccinated for rabies once a year because my vet said the three-year vaccine is the same vaccine, just three times as much of it, and so the incidence of vaccine sarcomas is much higher with the three-year rabies than with the one-year.
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My vets switched to annual rabies vaccine a couple of yrs ago. At that time you were given a choice. Now all they give is the annual rabies.
The test for FEL-V at my vet was $29 a couple of yrs ago and the quick test takes just a few minutes for results.
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He was at a shelter, but that was in July and he's been a stray for at least a few months somewhere in there.

My new vet also is going to switch us to the annual instead of the three-year. We have to wait three years to switch though! He also told me that I didn't need to get FEL-V again, since Puppy is in a very controlled environment.

Thanks everyone!
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