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is my cat dumb??

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we have a baby living with us so the kitten comes to play with him but he grabs her by the tail drags her picks her up hurts her she will leave then couple min later she will come back she dos this most of the day dos anyone know why she keeps coming back to get hurt more ???
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The cat is not dumb. However in my experience they have a short memory span.

I do hope that whenever she is grabbed by the tail it is stopped immediately by adults in the room. Although I think it woul be a good idea to keep them seperated so that the cat doesn't get hurt and so that one day the cat doesn't try to defend itself by biting the child.
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Just like people, cats have different tolerance levels. And she obviously recognizes the baby as "the kitten" of the family. Should an older child not from the immediate family try it, she'd most likely bite or scratch. Although I have seen cats who are really craving attention/affection and will be up with too much, just to have it.
Our littlest cat, Andrea, a rescue is very obxnoxious & fierce-playing with Andy & JC and they put up with so much. I try to supervise as much as I can because they will cry with pain, yet not defend themselves. at least Joey gives an excellent hiss & a good boxing about the ears and Andrea gives him so much respect... guess there's a lesson to be learned there
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when the baby is doing it i stop it and bring the cat up stairs or bring her out of the room but she comes right back even if i put her in a room with the door shut she will come right back to him once the door is opend he is 16 months the cat has been around him her whole life her mom use to do the same thing as her she would get hurt and stay there she didnt care i just want her to stop coming to the baby so she wont keep geting hurt
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If she is really getting hurt she will leave of her own accord or fight back. The danger is that the baby might do her damage without either of them realising it. So I would do everything to stop too much rough play. But it is hard with small children who see a walking toy to play with.
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well she meows when he pull her tail sometimes she attacks him but she will still keep coming back i keep taking her out of then room dso she like geting hurt??
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No I don't imagine that she likes likes getting hurt.

I still think that the cat should not be near the baby. You cannot predict when the cat may decide to defend itself against the baby pulling its tail.
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I would keep the baby away from the kitten unless supervised by an adult, because just like kittens, babies don't know right from wrong.
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Your cat is most definitely not dumb! She sounds like a little saint to me, I sure wouldn't imagine either of my girls would be nearly so patient!

This is the time to teach proper handling of kittens to the baby in your home. Children need to learn at this young age the correct gentle way to touch a cat, including not grabbing or hurting, however inadvertant this harm may be, and redirected as necessary for the protection of both your kitten and the baby. They should be allowed contact only under close adult supervision.
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