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I'm such a wimp!

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As cold as it is this morning, Gracie was bugging me to go out on the porch.
As soon as I opened the door, Peter dashed out then came tearing back in with a bird in his mouth. (It must have been dead already.) He headed straight for my bedroom and ran under a chair. Have to admit I'm a total wimp when it comes to creepy crawly or dead things, so I called my downstairs neighbor for help. When Peter heard her coming he abandoned the bird and she was able to dispose of it.

He brings me bugs all the time during the summer months, but this was the first bird. Of course, I praised my boy for his efforts, but I could have done without this "gift."
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My dogs catch and kill birds. I have always used the charcoal tongs, from the grill, to take the bodies away and dispose of them.
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Peter loves you. He brings you such special gifts. .
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Dont you like presents?

Mine dont tend to do that sort of thing anymore. Izzy cant be bothered, Jaz bit on the cuddly side, and Jake eats his mice
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Percy leaves me the mice heads and innards on the back porch. Um, thanks sweetheart?
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Im lucky mine are banned to be indoors
Teufel does love to drag Pasta packages or anything that is packed in a package! i just had cat food pouch ripped open on my bed this morning from teufel!
So what woudl you like more? a dead bird or ripped up food?
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Originally Posted by eilcon
He brings me bugs all the time during the summer months, but this was the first bird. Of course, I praised my boy for his efforts, but I could have done without this "gift."
Awwww, but Mom, it tastes just like chicken!!

Just a side note.....isn't it WONDERFUL to see more stories about Teufel from Fwan!! I am still so glad that the TCS board magic worked & Teufel made a safe return home. But, Fwan, I think I'd much prefer to find the pasta scattered than the dead bird...(I think that the bird would prefer it that way too )
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What would you choose: a dead bird, or a live rat or bat? We've gotten the latter presents from Jamie. Two bats, actually.
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Would you rather have a dead hare? My old cat once brought home a hare that was bigger than she was. We've had moles, mice, birds, rats... but it was definitely the hare that freaked us out. HOW she got it home is beyond me!
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Sounds like we have some kind and generous kitties to give us such wonderful "gifts."

I'd rather have scattered pasta like Fwan than any creature (dead or alive)!
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Hmmm...yes, birds, still alive, which need then to be killed -- and guess who gets to clean up the feathers Live mice, who also need to be killed -- tossing them up in the air is SUCH fun! And when it's wet outside, earthworms! But they don't play fair, they just squirm, they're boooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrinnnnnnnnnnng and Mum puts them back outside.

The joys of sharing a home with a furry predator!

My usual tactic for disposing of dead prezzies is to put a plastic bag over my hand; grab several thicknesses of paper towel; pick up the prezzie in the paper towel, turn the plastic bag inside out over it, knot it closed and put it in the garbage. Clean, safe, and everything that stands to get contaminated goes out with the prezzie.
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ooo yeah the still alive gifts are definitely the best I suppose the live birds are ok when they're not very badly injured - when we had those, mum used to put them into an old ice-cream container with a lot of tissue and cotton wool and a little dish with really wet weetabix (yes they ate it). Then she'd put a stocking over the tops of it because it makes an effective obverving lid and it's easier than trying to put airholes in things. It would go into the airing cupboard for an hour to recover in peace and then get put back outside. Only to return to our doorstep the day after. Dead.
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Well as Diesel and Portia are inside kitties the only offerings we get are bugs, which are then promptly killed and eaten! (Well, at least they dispose of what they bring me!)
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So far we havn't had too many pressies from Mooch and Noodles. I think they've only killed a few bugs each so far. Glory and Tiger brought home a snake before...still alive. And of course various mice and birds.
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Umm, eww.

Mine don't go outside, but an apartment I lived in when Oliver was a baby had mice. At least, about 3 of them. He caught every single one of them and did the same thing Peter did- ran under the bed with them. Thank goodness my then-boyfriend now-husband was there everytime to retrieve them or I'd have had a heart attack.
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lol Thankfully, I live in a place with no mice, and no birds for the boys to catch. Billy brings me pipe cleaners in bed though!
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my cats are also indoors but the other day Kinah was nice enough to bring the bagel she had killed during the night into my bedroom.

I like breakfast in bed... but she needs to understand that I like my bagels toasted, not shredded
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