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Is he being nasty or is it rough play fighting?

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As I think I have said I have my kitty (Gizmo) and also a dog (sasha - SBT bitch). Sasha is 8months older than Giz. They fight alot. Sasha can get a little rough but it is obvious that she looks at him as a friend and she's only play fighting. Giz on the other hand just bites her all the time. He doesn't very often use his claws but he has actually taken a few chunks out of Sasha's face. They do calm down and we have actually found them asleep real close. I just wonder if Giz is being nasty when they are fighting. It defo isn't because he feels threatened as Sash can be just lying asleep and he jumps on the sofa and bites her. He even hides under the dining table and as she walks past he jumps on her back (I have to laugh at that).

He just seems to bite a little too hard to be playing. He is a little bully
Anyone with any advice or have the same thing happen i'd be gratful. It may be normal but i've never owned a cat that is like Giz is
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My cats and dogs regularly playfight, my tortie sol thinks she is a dog I swear. She even accompanies us on our walks.... 4 dogs and Sol...

However, Tommy can be a bit rough (with Charlie as well as the dogs) but the dogs seem to sort this out themselves. Jess tells them in no uncertain terms to clear off if they hurt her, they don't bother AJ at all because she will not play back. Bonnie (cocker x Poodle) however plays quite rough, and I have witnessed her trying to pick Tom up by his scruff on one occaision (which I put a stop too straight away).

I have to laugh at Tommy he is a little horror with the others but if they play roough he cries like a baby, as if they are killing him, when in fact all they are doing is holding him down. If you seperate them Tommy dives straight back in for more...

To be honest if Giz is being too rough and your dog doesn't like it I am pretty sure he would let him know, they seem to have an understanding between themselves and will know just how rough they can be with each other.

Likewise if the dog got too rough with the cat, the cat would soon let the dog know.

I don't think I would worry too much unless the play turns nasty and I think if it did you would soon recognise the difference.

As long as the dog is not hiding away and looking scared I would say Giz is playing upto the tolerance level allowed.
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Thanks for that. Sasha doesn't hide so you are probly right. She just never snaps or growls him a warning, even when Giz actually took a chunk out of Sasha's face. She yelped then carried on fighting. They are both asleep now (on seperate sofa's-bless )
Thanks again for the advice
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