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In memory of Baby.

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I am a catlover by nature but when I was about 16 I went and looked at some mixed puppies. The conditions they were in were terible so I decided to bring one home. I could not figure out a name for the small black pup. Everyone started saying aww look at the baby and the name stuck. She was Gods gift to me. One of the smartest animals I have ever owned. She taught my daughter how to walk by letting her hold her tail and walking with her. She knew how to open doors of any kind including the microwave door. Wich got her into trouble some times. She was verry loyal and loveing. When I went into labor with my first born she let me hold onto her and guided me next door to my parents house. She even clawed the door to let them know I was there. I was in to much pain to do it myself. She stood up to my boyfriend who I am sorry to say was verry abusive to me. Never hit her though. Well after two verry wonderfull years I noteced a lump on Baby's neck. I took her to the vet and he said he would try some antibodics but if the lump did not go down he would have to test for cancer. I prayed and bargend and cryed. I went back to the vet and he told me the worst. She had to be put to sleep. I miss Baby every day and wish she was still here. I never thought that an animal could love and be loved so much till i met Baby.
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Thank you for sharing your story of love.
RIP sweet Baby.
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Baby sounds like such a sweetheart. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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My sister had Oscar for 14 years, he became rather poorly last August and unfortunately had to be put to sleep just before her wedding the following month.

I was terribly upset, as he was a lovely dog. He was always very good with my cats when they came to visit, such a sweetie.

Although we have never had a dog, his devotion to my sister was astonishing.

Miss him
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Condolences to your family for your sad loss. I am glad that Baby was able to enjoy the love of a good home here on Earth, and hope that the puppy-sized hole in your heart is filled soon. Please keep us posted.
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What a smart, sweet, dog. So sorry you had to leave your people too soon. Rest In Peace, Baby, until you meet at the Rainbow Bridge.
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I'm so sorry for your loss

RIP Baby and have fun over the bridge
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Condolences on the loss of Baby. Sounds like she was one of a kind!
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what a beautiful yet sad story. Baby sure sounds like one amazing pup

hold tight to those memories

RIP Baby - you are deeply missed
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