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Help please.

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Maybe someone on here can help me. I recieved three kittens about a year ago. Two females and a male. The only one who was sick was the male. In about a months time the male started to thrive and the females became verry ill and died. I have since recieved a verry healthy older female from a friend. The male cat is still in perfect health but the female is starting to show the same signs of illness that killed my other two kittens. Is there a disease that kills other cats but not the host? I don't want to part with either cat but if my male cat is causeing the others around him to die I will find a home for the female and keep him so no one else has to loose another cat.
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Hello, What did the other two female kittens die from? Has the existing male been feline leukemia/fiv tested? Is the new kitty tested and vaccinated? What are the signs? Amy >^..^<
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Well the new cat is fully vacinated. My male cat sorry to say has not seen a vet. The other 2 kittens just stoped eating. They still were verry active. They just died in there sleep. Some of the things were loosing waite to fast. loss of appitie and runny noses and eyes. There fur started to fall out. Everything happend within a matter of days. One day they were fine and like 2 days later they were dead.
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Both your kitties should see a vet. ASAP. This is really serious, their lives could depend on it.
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Your oldercat and the new ones need to be seen by your vet ASAP. He is carrying something that is being spread to your other cats.
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You really should bring them both to a vet ASAP..especially if you don't really know what the others died from. From the symptons could be Panleukopenia or gosh only knows there are so many kitty deseases. Best of luck!
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I wish you all the best, and I agree that you need to take the male AND the females to a vet ASAP. Please let us know what he says.
I am praying for you. I know this has to be distressful.
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Thank you for your help. I am going to take them to a vet. I will let you know what they say.
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I just wanted to let you know that I took Calie and Dark Side to the vet and they both have a clean bill of health. Aparently Calie just had a cold. As for Dark Side causing her to get sick, he was not. I am so happy that they are both ok. Thankyou all for your consern and help.
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what did your vet do exactly?

the vet should have done a full health screening and testing, and blooding testing, stool testing, FIV/FeLV testing and EVERYTHING POSSIBLE.

did you tel the vet the whole situation with the other cats?

I would personally go to another vet. Get another opinion because obviously he missed something here. Something is causing these kittens to die...FIP maybe? Ask about that? I don't know, but you need to take them to another vet.
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