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Sunday D.t.

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GOOD MORNING! It has been a while since I wrote in a DT for the site! WOW - I do not know where the time goes somedays. We had a little earth quake yesterday morning that almost everyone felt - (I did not) but this morning when I got up I had a little quake of my own. Baskets toppled, and soap making supplies on the floor as well as the Q-tips, odd socks and verious other things. My kitty quakes
must have measured about a 8.9 on the sclale.....
Goldie is nursing her little ones - but we have had our morning romp session. Arthur has become the great explorer - and really qick too. Must be he is faster as he does not have all those extra toes holding him back!
The lawn could use a trim today - think I can get my son to do it?
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Good morning all. I hope everyone else's day started better than mine. I fed the cats, sat down at my computer, looked over and my coffeepot was spewing hot coffee all over the place. I guess I didn't seat the coffe pot just right. This will be my first Sunday working. Just 4 hours, though, and it should be busy. I guess I should go pull myself together. Happy Sunday Everyone!
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Good Morning all!! I wish I could say it's going to be a beautiful day, but it's supposed to be chilly with a chance of rain,sleet, or snow tonight I almost feel as if I never had the weekend. Today, I need to get the house back in order. Then I have someone who's adopting one of the kittens coming over to see them. Then I will be sending Hubby out in the cold to BBQ because we have some dinner guests..lol. I am going to try and spend the day not thinking how busy I will be on Monday
Debra, I have been giggling about the whole earthquake thing since last night. I have been watching the interviews and listening to people. I know it was a different experience for most, but can't help to laugh because I am from CA and those 5. quakes were nothing. Some guy called the aftershocks "after tremors"..LOL. Some lady said, "now I know what people in Ca feel like". NO, she doesn't until she has lived through an 8. quake. AGAIN, I know it was traumatic for some, but can't help it, I am very used to them
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I know what your mean Sandie - they are making such a BIG deal out of it. I cannot imagine what the CA residents must think of us
nor-easters carrying on so much......
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LOL...that's okay, this Californian was a nut case when they announced a few years ago that a hurricane may be coming. I am sure all the East coast people thought I was a freak
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Good morning guys! It's still morning here, but almost noon. I'm not doing much of anything today...it is nasty out...it rained all night, and now it is wet and cold and cloudy. Yucky.

I'm going to go fix some lunch in a bit..pretty boring.
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Grey day today. And cool. It was my grandpa's 70th b-day luncheon today. A buffet of chinese food. I ate too much, as usual!! But if it's a buffet, why not? Later on tonight, we're going over to my bf's parent's house for dinner. Full day of relatives...
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From the inside, it looks beautiful out, then you step outside and you run back in real quick to grab your jacket. I guess that's what you get when you live by the water.

I went food shopping today, always a fun task. The cashier was complaining to the bagger about how stupid people are when they put their 6 packs on top of their meat on the check out counter. Then she puts my cleaning stuff in with my food.

Now I'm going to see if I can get Brian to help me clean our room.... I'll have to bat my lashes and put on a sweet little smile. Bah! Who am I kidding? It won't work!!

I hope every one is enoying the rest of the weekend.
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Debby--Did you get any snow in Iowa today? We have about three inches on the ground again here (southern Minnesota). Just the other day it was about 87 degrees above zero, and today I'm just freezing!!! Weird weather.
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Well, my insomnia caught up with me again. During the week I get up early to take my daughter to school. Last night I was up until 5 a.m. and slept until 1:15. I hate that. I know it's good to sleep, but I really wish I slept on regular hours.

Daughter is with her dad this weekend. I'm getting used to it, but it still bothers me.

Otherwise a quiet day, didn't even go outdoors today. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep at maybe midnight tonight. Not that those two ideas are related, that's just how they occurred to me.
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Hi, everyone

It was cold and rainy, also in Ohio....Stayed in the house all day...did 3 loads of laundry (on my new washer and dryer, tax refund purchase) did all of next week's ironing..Had the teenager vaccuming and unloading dishwasher...Can you tell we were bonding??

Back to work, tomorrow...I have two nursing seminars this coming week...Nurses in Ohio have to have 24 CEU's every two years to keep license valid (also pay a fee to the state of Ohio)...it's a bummer because it ususally comes out of your pocket (unless your employer pays for it, of course) and the seminars are never cheap!

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BadHabit, ain't it the truth how chilly it was yesterday?? ( Yes, I am posting to the Sunday DT on Monday ). I took my kids to Swifts Beach in Wareham so they could dig in the sand. It was sooooooo cold. BRRRRRRRRRR!!:tounge2:

Sandie, I didn't feel the quake, although my neighbor did. I don't see what the big deal is if no damage was caused. And I know what you mean about the hurricanes, if you grew up here in New England, the word Hurricane is pretty insignificant........but I have a friend in Missouri who thinks they are so SCARY!!! Its funny how people react differently to different things depending on where they live.

I can say for sure, I am terrified of Tornados. Call me a baby, but they make me so nervous!!!!!!
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