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my finger is blinging!

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I was in a rush yesterday and only had time for a quick sandwich before rushing out to a friends 21st.

As is typical on the days when your in a rush, i managed to slice my finger open with a really sharp knife.

Now, i wouldnt consider myself a squeemish person, but i was so close to fainting it wasnt funny! Had to calm myself with two Options hot chocolate, a kitkat and a packet of square crisps before i could be on my way

Not wanting to look stupid with a huge plaster on my finger, i decided to jazz it up a little with stick on diamante hearts!

Been trying to take a pic to show you all but the flash keeps glaring of the bling and ruining the shot! lol
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it looked a whole lot better last night, i seem to have lost a heart too!

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Nicky you should have got Sarah to knit you something

But seriously my stomach went all fluttery when i read what happend Bet the alcohol took the pain away though!
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Yes, a few glasses of wine helped calm me down!

I was more upset that my mum wouldnt finish of making my sandwich for me! She said that she would take me to get stitches but she needed to go to Sainsburys and there would be no-one to sit with the dog!

Thank god she's not a drama queen like me!
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Nice disguise though! I bet nobody even noticed!

Are you having to go and get sitches?!
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No, I can't be bothered to be honest. It was quite deep but my mum (whose done a first aid course) and my dads who a glazier and actually has much worse cuts (as he told me repeatedly!) most months, dont think i need to.

Plus, theres no worse place to be than our local A&E on a weekend!
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A year and a bit ago i sliced off a big chunk off my thumb, it was hanging on a little bit of skin, i washed my hand covered the dead skin onto the wound, now if you look at it you can exactly see it because there is still the dead skin under the new skin!

I nearly fainted too, there was soo much blood pissing out of my thumb it was all over the floor!

Hope yours isnt as bad as mine!
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eeewwww! Fran thats so gross!

I dont think it's bleeding any more. I'm a bit upset to be honest, quite like my plaster!
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Very nice bling!!, that's a great idea
post #10 of 17 have the fanciest boo boo around.
That's a great idea.
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Originally Posted by xocats have the fanciest boo boo around.
That's a great idea.


My oma was an RN when I was growing up, and i spent a lot of time around her, I think it's messed me up in the head, I'm fasinated by blood and weird things, i love watching surgeries on Discovery Health.
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Oohh I have a macabre fascination for those surgery shows too!
I love the fancy bandage job! Way to bling-bling!
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Oh you poor thing! That hurts - I did it only last week with a knife I was chopping onions with.... cut + onion juice = OUCH! I didn't have to bandage up my finger as bad as that though. I like the bling bling idea thoug hun!
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eek, that made me shudder!

i was cutting a sandwich with a serrated knife when i cut the corner of my thumb, there was so much blood and i can't stand the sight of it, i had to use five bandaids to stop the bleeding and it hurt so much.

the worse thing is, a few days later Jeff and i stayed in a spa suite for a week on business, we were getting ready to go out and i was running my fingers through my hair when a strand got caught in the cut and opened it again, it was sooooo painful and i made a huge mess of the bathroom.

another time i was bringing the laundrey in and i pushed my foot back to hold the door open for nass but the door closed too quickly and ripped skin off my heel, it was a metal door and the cut was very deep, i actually felt myself go white and i had to sit down because i was so faint, it was horrible

i'm extra careful with knifes and doors now lol
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My best friend was throwing a party for her 2yr old son today, and her mom accidentally threw a knife at me..LMAO no damage done though! It slipped out of her hand...

Still, people can do some serious damage to themselves, over every day things...

And if you're accident prone like me, you really have to watch out.

But hey, atleast you made the best of something so painful Nice blingage
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believe it or not, I had a friend who was trained in entertaining arts and he used to juggle kitchen knives. He used to terrify me, because even with the safety covers on, big knives are just scary for me in general. He used to delight in winding me up juggling these (covered) knives. I never once saw him have any sort of accident with them.... but by God he was a one to know I'm extra careful about where I even put my fingers when I'm cutting food....
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OUCH! Nice bling! (oh wasn't that smilie appropriate )
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