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Dental Cat Treats

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Hi everyone!

Can anyone recommend some treat for my cat's teeth? Which brand of treats have you used for your own cat and which ones should I absolutely avoid? Please also kindly share with me why you think the product is good or bad! Thank you!

1) Good dental treat
2) Bad dental treat
3) Why good?
4) Why bad?
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I give mine " Denta bits " by Whiskers and they seem ok?, plus my vet sells them as well because theres no way my two would take the toothbrush
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I like the CET dental chews for cats, and so do my cats (except Cali who won't eat treats of any kind).
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I've used the Hill's Science Diet retail oral care formula cat food as dental treats. The cats love them as treats, but I have my reservations as to whether they're actually doing much good for dental hygiene. But I would say that about any food or treats used for dental hygiene.
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The Hill's t/d is actually effective. The kibble is large enough most cats and dogs have to bite into them at least once before swollowing, and they don't crumble, so they do help clean teeth.

I personally love the CET chews, I didn't know they made cat ones but they really cleaned up my older dog's teeth.
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