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Canned cat food

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Out of the brands that Petco and Petsmart carry, which would you guys recommend me buying? I'm going on vacation to the states soon and I'd like to bring some back. Last time I was there I brought a full suitcase of food. All the flavors of Fancy Feast and Pro Plan canned food.


The prices here are about 3 times as much as in the states and we don't have much... what would you get?


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Personally I would steer clear of Fancy Feast. I would go with Iams or Pro-Plan if it were me. Whereabouts in the states are you visiting?
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What's wrong with fancy feast? they really love it... They don't like the Pro plan as much...

Any other brands you can recomand?

We'll be in the Chicago area most of the time, visiting my boyfriends family
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Yeah, hissy, what have you heard about Fancy Feast? My cat loves it too. They have so many flavor varieties.
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I recommend:

Authority, Bil-Jac.

Natural Balance, Nutro Max, Nutro Natural, Wysong

If you want to get Fancy feast or something for an occational treat you can, but. In the end those foods I listed are soo much better for your cats. Stay away from foods that list 'by-products'.
And a canned food should start with a meat source, not water.
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Nutro Naturals is what I feed...it's great! And not that expensive. I love Wysong too, and California Naturals (I think that's what it's called, but it's a little pricey and not available in my area).
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My four cats adore Fancy Feast...I usually give it as a treat (I split a 3oz. can between the four of them) every few days or so..

By the By...I have four cats now..I added a pedigree Siamese kitten on March 17th...her name Mia Sweet Liberty Rose..
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We usually split one fancy feast every morning between our 4 cats so it is not that much. They eat mostly dry food (Technical and Pro-plan mixed).
I'll look for the brands you mentioned when I'm in the states.
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For petsmart...Id go with Nutro Max and Nutro Natural Choice and they come in a variety of flavors.
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oops forgot Petco.....Id go with Natual Balance and Wysong also.
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