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Late night survey

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What is ONE of the most annoying commercials on television today in your opinion?

I would have to pick that Geico commercial where that one shoed woman goes clippity cloppity down the street, and has that airhorn she honks to pick up her child at school. Since she has no car because she can't afford the insurance, the advertisers of this lame commercial have plastered the bumper sticker "my child is an honor student" on the rear of her skirt. Pretty tacky if you ask me......
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I for one like that commercial. Sorry Hissy!! I thought it was kinda cute the first time I saw it.

I think an annoying one is that Mitsubishi commercial where the girl in the passenger seat is wearing a hat and doing some strange sort of break dance!!!!!!!! It gets on my nerves, I don't know why, but it just does. The last one they had with the spunky music and the different people singing was much better in my opinion.
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To tell the truth : I hate all commercials !!!
I hate it to be forced into anything ; I know I do not have to buy all that stuff , but it always annoys me so much when my favorite programm or movie is interupted all the time by stupid coms ... --> it's a sign for me to pet my cat or have a pit-stop !!!
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WOW...It's not just me!! I HATE that commercial where she's dancing in the car.
However, a general dislike is any of the ones who adveritse with sex or the ones that the scenerio is not beleivable.
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I agree about the girl dancing in the car. I just generally hate the commercials for prescription medications. I really don't want to know how long it takes to clear up herpes. They always have the sdie effects, which are really stupid. A sleeping aid may cause drowsiness. Ya think? I REALLY hated the one with the old guys driving down the road dragging portable toilets behind their cars. The side effects were decreased semen and stuffy nose. EEEWWWWWWW!!!!!
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I love the cat litter commercials, with Stinky. Their print ads are cute, too. I, still, refuse to use Pantene because of those "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" ads, from years ago.
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I totally agree with Krazy Kat2, those medication commercials have got to go. Isn't it the doctor's job to inform the patient?

There was a cleaning product commercial where a little kid throws his food all over the floor. I really didn't like that one. I also think all of the Geico (I'm a Gecko, not Geico) are really annoying.
In general, I don't watch commercials.
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I really hate this one advertising for Speedy Muffler...the theme song is terrible, "Can anybody find me???" Ugh....and it looks like it was filmed during the sixties...bad.
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I guess really any commercial that has nothing to do with the product it's selling is annoying. I can't really think of anything that sticks out but they're all irritating.

There is a couple I do like though. I love the commercial for tidy cats crytal litter and the three cats and the little one and the adult are saying they're rich because their litter has diamonds in it. It's so cute. And I like the toilet paper one where the family sets up stacks of the paper around the house and then they call their puppy for dinner and he slides into all of them. Cute!!
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Any car commercial, especially truck/SUV - type.
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I HATE those collect call commercials with that Carrot Top guy...or Carrot Head, whatever the heck he is...I can't STAND that guy!!! It was bad enough when they had that one annoying guy (can't think of his name but he's married to Courtney Cox) on their commercials, but now they have the Carrot guy!!!! YUK
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:laughing: MA, I like the one with the mother running to pick up her kid! It's so absurd I can't help but laugh.

I'm with you Debby, Carrottop has GOT to go.
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Carrothead! Good name for him! hee hee I agree, there are a lot of annoying commercials out there. The one hubby hates is that woman break dancing in the car. Another one my list is that one where the man is going "Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?" I want to scream. "Yes, I can hear you- now BE QUIET!" lol Also dislike the one where Debby Allen is break dancing in the gas station. That is for Office Depot I think?
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Some months ago there was a vacuum cleaner commercial showing so much power that the small dog in the apartment below had been raised to the ceiling and was "riding around" while the lady vacuumed her rug. I guess it wasn't effective because I don't see if any more, but I enjoyed it. I agree; Carrot Top is offensive!
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Please don't get me started!

That damn duck going "Afla-a-a-k"

Carrottop (who the heck is this guy?)

That same break dancing girl in the hat - and actually I don't think she knows how to do that kind of dancing, I think they just told her to move her arms around, and why oh why does she have to dress like a pimp from some 70's Blaxpliotation movie?

DiGiorno's pizza commercials in general, but esp. the one with the man dancing in the kitchen in his underwear and his wife says "I hope the delivery man didn't see you like that"

Any commercial where the cows talk in a man's voice

Any commercial where they animate the faces to exaggerate expressions

Ads for prescription drugs - isn't that what a doctor is for? Clearly they want me to ask my doctor for their drug, so they can make more money. And some of those, like the anti-depressants, it seems like they're trying to create a market for them by making people think they need to take meds for every little issue (not to knock people who legitimately need them).
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I have to agree with most of you so far...the breakdancing girl in the car just looks stupid, Carrot Top is beyond annoying, and the prescription drug ads have got to go. I have to add all the "feminine protection" ads. Like I want to hear about this during the dinner hour!! Oh, and the Depends commercials. Something else I don't want to hear about when I could be eating.

I have to say, I like the Gateway commercials with the talking cow. Hubby and I always Moo at the beginning of the commercial in unison. Won't buy the product but I like the moo.
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Oooooooh, I like the one where the woman is an underground " vaccuum racer"....I don't remember the brand, but its some bagless vac. I think its effective, and cute too.
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I absolutely hate the commercials with the carrot top boy. 1-800 COLLECT or something like that? I also can't stand the commercials for ATA with the fat guy in a suit pacing back and forth talking to himself or something and telling you that you can get cheap air fares. Dumb! And also the ones for Eagle Insurance (only in the Chicago area). Mancow (from a radio station-Q101) is driving a car and a pretty girl walks by and he crashes and then they hear a sound and are like "Oh no! Whats that? It musy be Eagle Man". Then they show this person dressed as an eagle who squats and lays an egg with all of the insurance prices. LAME!!!
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I don't like the Carrot top commercials, The Dell Guy(Dude, your geting a dell!).

I like most Geico commercials. I like the one with the squirrels, the lizard, and the dog lauging at the owner because his bill is too high. Or the man in the restaurant and he tells the waitress that he didn't want mayo on his sandwich and she simply wipes it on the table.

I like the MeowMix commercials and Tidy Cat Crystals.

The one that is annoying is the one from Burger King were everyone acts like chickens. They are advertising for the Chicken Whopper. And they say that I will get 50 cents off if I cluck! Sorry, I will not do that for a million dollars!
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I looove that Bk commercial! The chickens just crack me up. I guess it's sort of morbid though, chickens singing to get you to eat them. BTW, the Chicken Whopper is mighty tasty. It's not all processed and funky, or it doesn't taste that way at least.

Carrot top and Alf commercials are really annoying. I mean, nobody wants to see them on regular shows, why would you want them advertising your product?

I really like the Cat Chat Jack in the Box commercials too. Soo funny!
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As a former waitress, I can totally relate to the Geico mayo commercial. There were plenty of times I wanted to do that.

I really don't like the Orbit gum commercials. There are also some really annoying gas or oil heat commercials with the family wrapped in plastic. Very dumb.
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Hissy!! I forgot about those dumb "can you hear me now?" commercials! I HATE those too!!!!!!!
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Have you seen the commercial where there is this couple in the desert. You think its a Calvin Klein colonge commercial. The couple are caressing each other and hugging. The man is saying, 'she can't resist my touch!" "I am a glorious man!" Then comes this car(toyota) and throws sand all over them. Funny!!!!

Annoying commercial? The Got MIlk commercial where there is this kid standing outside a store and he is gurgling milk. Then he pours some chocolate syrup and some milk into his mouth and starts gurgling again. I also don't like the other one where this man is in this chocolate shop and he gets a nicely decorated chocolate. The lady puts it in a little bag. Then, the man starts smashing the chocolate. Then pours the pieces into a bottle of milk then shakes it.

The one with the landrover is annoying too. Where the man sees the landrover and says, Take me with you?

The energizer bunny is one that I really hate too.
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There is one the other day that i saw that has the message it is okay for kids to lie to their parents. I can't remember exactly how it went, but hubby and i just looked at each other like "what the heck?" Anyone know which one I might mean?
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Was it the cell phone commercial where the parents want the girl home by a certain hour and they give her a cell phone to know of her whereabouts. The phone is taped to her waist. She is out dancing and the boy asks what is her name? And the dad who is on the other phone says, she is not old enough. Then the girl and boy are out kissing in her car and she has the phone taped to the speakers playing the same music as at the dance. The dad says, does that song ever end?

Have you seen the Zap commercial where the man goes into the couples' house and he tells them that the bathroom is going to take a long time. As soon as they leave, he uses the zap soap and is done quickly. He watches tv, swims in the pool(hot tub), and plays in teh computer. He has his shorts on and is eating the food. I personally think that is bad manners!
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I just saw the worst commercial! It was for Vagisil. It showed 3 women sitting around looking all serious, and the narrator says "Some things are just easier if you share them. Even painful, burning itch!" What?? Share?? That?? EEEWWWWW!!
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I hate all those "female" commercials. There are so many commercials on about vaginal odor, itching, infections, I swear, men must think we are always having problems!

This one really bugs me. I like those Parents the Anti-Drug commercials, but this one just misses the mark. It shows some kids (really young looking) in a movie theater, cell phone rings, and he doesn't answer it. Then it shows this young little girl, the one who called, and it says "You're stuck at home while your friends are out having fun because you got caught smoking pot.". I know where they're trying to go with this, but one, they are sooo young! I guess that's the age to start reaching kids though. But it just sounds like a message to not get caught. I mean, if those are her friends, aren't they smoking pot? And they're okay because they didn't get caught?
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Personally, I hate the commercial for salsa that has a woman at a party pouring salsa into a bowl. She goes to throw it out, changes her mind, rinses it out, almost pours the liquid out, then DRINKS it! I love salsa (great on scrambled eggs and rice), but I have to change the channel or turn the TV off when that one comes on. It makes me physically ill.
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I also hate that one cell phone commercial with the little hussy in the purple dress. Like any decent parent would let their child out of the house in that outfit with or without a chaparone! The only time my parents let me out of the house looking like a two-bit hooker was Halloween - and I still wore more than that girl!

I have to say, I like the ones with the talking bull and bear for some online brokerage. Those are really smart commercials. I love that line that the bear says "Well, no one likes a talking steak."
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I know what you guys mean about the feminine products commercials...I hate those too!!

A friend of mine told me she was watching TV with her step-son who is about 9 years old or so, and one of those dumb commercials came on and he turns around and says....Whats a yeast infection????
Well since there were others in the room, and she didn't know what to say, she told him, "it's something you get from eating too much bread!" Hahahah!!!! THAT was a good one! He didn't ask anymore questions either.
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