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Hotmail question?

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Ok guys and girls, here's hoping some of you can help here. I use the free hotmail mail account, and have a 250 MB box that is about 70% full, already weeded out the junk, this is stuff I want to keep. So....the simple thing would be to pay 19.95 per year and I could download it via Thunderbird or OE BUT, I only have a bank debit/credit card and they won't take that for payment. Sooooo, I know I can sit down and forward each piece of mail to my other accounts and download them from there.....but with 600+ messages that will take awhile. Does anyone have any ideas about either mass forwarding them, or figuring out how to save them to a hard drive, then burn them to a cd? Thanks in advance guys!!
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you can get a gmail account that stores a lot more then hot mail
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600+ messages?

I've always saved stuff to a word file (such as humor). Let's hear it for copy and paste!
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Gmail is a much bigger free account and you can download using a mail client.
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