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Curios Cat

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Hello there! ))
It took me sometime to go over forum, but I could not find the same problem, so I have decided to ask someone for help!
Well, our cat is TOP curios! When we got him Drinking Fountain - he loved it! He could not stop drinking water from it- like we never GAVE him water before! Then, he decided to find out how does this thing works and how come there is a cord attached to it and it makes almost no noise, other then when water flows? He started to go around in circles trying to figure out where the water is coming from....
It was funny to watch at a first time...then we pay little or no attention to it.. Next day when I got home, the top of Fountain was next to it and our cat got the filter out of it- no other damage has been made, lol, but I still concerned- why is he keeps doing it? Day after day after day.. MISHKA HAS to take the top off every time after he finishes drinking water.... I do not get it? What is his problem?
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Maybe he is trying to take it apart to see if a hovering magic water-ball is supplying it, or if tiny humans are pouring it full whe he isn't looking.
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You know, I thought so too...
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Hahaha, we used to have a fountain on the kitchen counter and every day when we got home the water level was mysteriously lower than it was in the morning. The same thing happened to the fish bowl, but the fish are still fine.
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I think cats are fascinated by water, especially running water. Our neighbor Misty who used to visit us before they moved away loved to have a "water show." We would run the water in the bathroom sink or tub, fill it part way, let it out, etc. Every time she was as fascinated as the first time. She would sniff the little drain hole to try to find out where it was going. One time she even jumped in the bathtub with water in it. She jumped back out just as fast

My two are interested also, I had the water running in the sink and they were both there on either side of it, both ears pointed straight at the water.
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It's toilets for mine they cannot resist, they spend hours staring at their reflection and playing in it.

The kitchen tap is fun as well especially if mom leaves it dripping
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