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Vet Visit

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i brought my kittie to the vet about 3 weeks ago. Got her first shots and I think it was revolution. I got that for my dog and my cat. Im bringing them to the vet again next Thursday to get my kittens other shots and my dog will get his rabies and parvo etc. I read a thread about declawing and no im not considering it...but since she is so vicious with me...I want to get soft paws. Do most vets carry them? Would I most likely be able to buy them and get the vet to put them on for me? Would it cost extra for her to put them on?
As I said before in another post, when I went to the vet they did the shots in another room and i wasnt there to watch. If I say i want to be there, is there any reason they should refuse? I REALLY dont feel comfortable being out of the room when they get these things espcially since last time Foxxy screamed in the other room as she was getting her shot.
Any advice is appreciated.
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I should clarify one thing...shes not vicious with me.....shes very PLAYFUL and loves to use her claws and teeth....harshly.
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She's a kitten and they often play rough. Don't play with her with your hands - use a feather or wand or toy.

If possible get the vet to show you how to clip her claws. It's really quite easy once you know how. We do Bijou and Mika's about every 10 days and if you start when they are young it's better. I always used to handle Bijou's paws and stroke them and talk to him to get him used to having his paws touched. It is really much easier to clip the claws when they are almost asleep or just waking up - at least nice and relaxed anyway.

Also, I don't see any reason why you cannot be with your cat at the vet's. We are always allowed to be with our kitty. We often take both cats to the vet even if only one is being looked at - it seems to be less stressful and one doesn't come home smelling different and causing problems with a strange smell making the other one freak out. Our vet has no problem with both cats in the examining room and both my daughter and I as well.
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I'm sure that they would be able to put the soft claws on for you for a small fee, but as was suggested probably best that your kitty gets comfortable with you dealing with her paws.

As far as the vet thing...I would say that if that is their policy (not allowing you into the room) and you are uncomfortable with that...I know I would be, than I would shop around and talk to other vets in your area to see if there is one that you do feel comfortable with.
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What are soft paws ? Sounds like they are mittens for cats? Never heard of them before.

My vet gives vaccinations in front of us, he also does the cat version of the MOT as well. The only time he will take one of them into a back room is too weigh or give a pill, which is not very often as i tend to do this myself. And i believe he only does it because he needs the assistance of a nurse to do it.

I should add that we have been using this vet for many years and we trust him completely with our cats welfare.

You should be able to be in the same room when your cat is given vaccinations. Tell your vet that you want to be present when its done, after all you are the customer, and you know what they say 'the customer is always right'
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Soft paws are like claw mittens...little rubber caps over the claw glued on so they cant scratch anything.
I know how to clip her claws, she hates it though. It took me almost half an hour to clip hers the first and only time I ever tried. But Ill try it again see what happens.
I find with my dog that the easiest way to do is to get him all tired out from playing and then when i clip his claws, he doesnt have the energy to fight back. Ill try that with Foxxy.
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The vet I go to now is the closest one, and the only other one Ive ever been to or know of is where my cat Tigger was put to sleep and the vet didnt even know what was wrong with her before she was put to sleep so I dont really feel comfortable there.
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Soft paws are like claw mittens...little rubber caps over the claw glued on so they cant scratch anything
Thats a clever idea, how long can they be left on? A cat will scratch to remove the old claw cover, (I find them all over the house ), does it prevent this natural behaviour or do the 'caps' come off when this becomes necessary?

Sorry its a bit 'off thread' but these a new to me.

Its not always easy to find a vet that you can place your trust in, we are fortunate that we have several in and around our town and we have our own transport so it is not a problem for us. There are many very good vets, but it also helps if they have a good 'bedside manner' .We have been seeing Howard now for many years, and although they may not be the cheapest around it is worth the extra expense knowing that he will always do his best for our cats.
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