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How would you go about taming a deaf feral?

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I am looking for some input from others on how to go about Lola. I set her loose in the basement(family room & two hallways) because of the recently neutered males in the dog crate & bathroom. I had no where else to put her. She had a panick attack, ripped out a bunch of fur, bit me, scratched me, & finally crashed into enough things to knock some sense into her. I never, ever, want to do that to her again. I had no idea she would react like that. The toms went to the HS today, so Lola is back in the bathroom. She is in the bathroom with Damita & Chico(the fosters) who both have a cold & are started on Clavamox today. Captain is also in the bathroom. He isn't neutered yet....sometime the end of next week(either thur or fri). He keeps trying to "pounce" on Lola. I guess he will have to live in the dog crate. Lola, Damita, & Chico get along so well. They bathe each other & play together. The deaf cat(Lola) & blind cat(Damita) sure make a cute pair. I cannot leave Lola home when I go to the HS, she has to come with Damita & Chico.

What can I do to tame Lola down? Any suggestions at all? First she got a bath, then she get spayed, then she got set loose in the basement. I think I moved too fast for her. My goal is to be able to set her loose in the basement in two months, but if that doesn't happen, that's fine with me. I have never done this before with a feral as a housecat, so I don't know how to approach this. I put caps on all of her nails. She is spayed & UTD on shots. She gets good food, a warm place to sleep, sleeping buddies, & sometimes these hairless creatures that walk funny on two legs touch her. lol She looks at me like I am a freak when I go to pet her. She loves to get petted, & to get her ears & chin scratched. She purrs when I scratch her ears & chin. I know she is very confotable here & happy, but she panicks so easily because of the deafness.
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Yes, perhaps you went on too fast. Sometimes it is better to let them land than to give all the medical attentions too fast - if the medical attentions not
great hurry .

You write much, I not sure what is really going on.

Anyway, she lets you pet her I think I understand? Is she friendly with other friendly cats??
So she isnt totally wild and your are on the right way with her, but she is very unsure as I get it, gets easy panicked yes??

You cant work with nice friendly sounds or friendly low voice. So nice friendly gestures are double up important. No raised arms. Dont look too much directly at her. Blink with eyes, or keep eyes half-close. Do much yawning as friendly cats do. Stand on all four, and strech yourself like cats do, both forwards and backwards (it is not laziness by cats, it is friendly gestures!).

You may try Feliway or Felifriend - the friendly feromones.
Perhaps music of Mozart or Bach - she will probably gets some vibrations.
Routines, so she will not threatened. First when she feels secure and safe, you should try variations.
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I agree, since you don't have sound, pay close attention to the other signals she is getting. Smell, touch, sight. DH calls cats by holding his hand near the floor and flicking his fingers, as if to say, come up for pets. Maybe this would help with Lola...she is initiating the contact. Lots of treats, and lots of petting.

It is good that she lets you pet her! Just give her more time, and maybe some Feliway would help, too!
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