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Sounds good to me!
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I really have no idea how I got here

I had just gotten Harley and was COMPLETELY CLUELESS about cats

I googled something - and it musta been the right thing cuz I ended up here, and I haven't left yet - I just LOVE everyone here, and their kitties!
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I came here to find a place that I could read about and chat about CATS! I am not a huge poster but I am here almost every day! I got hooked.
Everyone here is kind, not judgemental, not slamming me every chance they get because I was a newcomer like the previous forum I was on, and a place to go to where everyone loves their precious babies as much as I do! You were the ones I turned to when I lost my Bud in Jan'05 and the ones I look to for advice.
I love the stories and the pictures! I think that it would be very hard to find another forum with the caliber of people that are on this one! Hugs to all!
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I came because I was looking for info on how to safely rid my house of scorpions without hurting my kitten Phenom.

I stay because everyone here is so nice and helpful. There is not judging and we all havea common interest, cats. And where else would I find a bunch of gals (and a few guys) like you all!
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Originally Posted by Zoe'n'MissKitty
I stayed because everyone was so helpful and kind.
It's also the most civil online forum I've ever seen.

This is the nicest forum ever! I belong to a few others, and sometimes they are judgemental and downright mean. You guys and gals are GREAT! I love the kitties too. Especially Reilly and Tigger
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I joined I think the day after Tommie's leg was injured and the vet wanted (and did) amputate. I needed some opinions on what I should do.
I been here posting (and kiilling threads) ever since??
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I joined because I needed some advice about looking after my kittens but it's so nice and friendly here that I stayed! Also, it's nice to be able to talk to like-minded people who adore their furbabies. I swear the people at work must think I am some mad cat lady!
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I joined back in 2002 after adopting Hammie. Hammie came from a multi-cat household (Humane Society) and I thought he was clinically insane. He was just really wild!

So I needed input; did a Google; and landed here. Got friendly, helpful, honest and REAL answers.

I stayed because it's fun to chat with people who are as in love with their cats as I am!
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