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These cats could DIE(FeLuk)-any rescues that will take them?

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Let me first of all tell everyone that I am very, very, very, very angry over this.

Some stupid(I am censoring my real thoughts) cop brought in a cat a few days ago. Being an idiot(he went through traning a week or two ago), he put a stray cat in one of the two cat rooms at the Humane Society. When the HS discovered this, they rushed him to the vet for FeLuk testing. Guess what!?!? HE'S POSITIVE! Being a small Humane Society for the entire county, they had to euthanize this stray kitty. Now here's the kicker, all of the cats in the same room with Mr. Positive have to be quarantined for 30 days to be retested for FeLuk. Know what happens if they test positive? Yup. They get euthaninzed. So, who was in that room with Mr. Positive? My Gabriel, Kai, Zorro, & Pandora. In addition, there was Snipper, Oreo, & Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea was out of her cage & came into contact directly with Mr. Positive. Let me tell you about Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea came to teh HS pregnant. She gave birth to 4 kittens by C-Section, then she nursed them with a little help. Sweet Pea then came to the HS with her two remaining kittens 3 months later only to get an upper respiratory infection & a sinus infection. She then spent a month in her cage while she was contaigous. She had finally been let out of her cage to roam(we alternate cats that get out to roam every day) for an entire week before this. Snipper(it's spelled weird-you say it Sniper) & Oreo aer two 20 lb. beauties. Both are 4 paw declaws. Both cats also bite when firmly restrained. Despite that, they are both lovebugs.

Now, I like Pandora & Zorro, but I absolutely LOVE Gabriel & Kai. It breaks my heart to think about those two in particualr being PTS because of a stupid cop.

I am hoping that I can find rescue/HS/shelters that will take in any FeLuk positive cats. If I am willing to find someplace for them to go & take them there, the HS might not have the positive cats pts. I am in southern MN, so I could go as far north as Minneapolis, over to Wisconsin, into South Dakota, & into Northern Iowa. If anybody knows of anyplace that would take in FeLuk positive cats, I would really appreciate it. I don't want to have to prepare for the worst, but I know Sweet Pea was in direct contact with Mr. Positive. I don't know much about FeLuk, so I have to do a search of TCS, but I do know it is not a good thing.

Here's Gabriel, Kai, & Zorro. I don't have any recent pictures of Pandora, but she looks similar to Zorro. She has a two-toned face, one half grey & the other half orange.

Gabriel(left) & Zorro(right)

Here's an old picture of a bunch of the barn cats. Pandora is in the back left hand corner. I think she was about 3 months old here.
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Of course the 2 kitties I am just madly in love with from the HS, it has to happen to!

I hope everything works out - keep us all updated

Where was the cop from? - I wonder if I know him? My cousin is a cop from that area.
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Here's hoping that they all test negative...
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Originally Posted by babyharley

Of course the 2 kitties I am just madly in love with from the HS, it has to happen to!

I hope everything works out - keep us all updated

Where was the cop from? - I wonder if I know him? My cousin is a cop from that area.
They wouldn't tell me who it is. They did tell me that the animal control officer wanted an estimate--things seem more real when there is an estimate. Cindilee told him at least $500, & that's just off the top of her head(for FeLuk testing & treatment). Oh yeah, and the lives of several cats. Mr. Animal Control officer didn't give a rip about the cat's lives. People like him make me want to him them in the face. I love some of those guys & girls. He doesn't give a shucks about them.

The worst part of this is waiting the one month. I am going to flat out ask that they call me if any of them test positive. I want to be there if they have to be pts. Someone should be there. I am going to keep my fingers crossed that someone will come in & offer to take anyone that test positive. I really don't want to see anyone die. They had to put down my Sherbert(who was supposed pregnant). He was having seizures & kept ticking...there was nothing any vet could do for him. Now this.... It makes me want to crawl in a hole and never come out.

Of the 11 cats I surrendered, 7 were at the HS when this "incident" happened. Five of those 7 were in that room...those five being my favorites. Two are in my care as a foster parent...Damita & Chico. The two "unadoptables". To top things off, one of the cats I surrendered either has ringworm or is pulling her hair out from the stress of all of this. I don't know what they will do with her. She is one of the exposed kitties. They figure they have $1000 invested in spays/neuters, vaccinations, & testing(not including food) in the cats that were exposed to Mr. Positive.

I really do hope they punish the officer for what he did. He should have to stand there & watch these cats be pts if the need be. He has no idea what he did.

Hours later & I am still fuming....I hope the guy that did this never meets me. I can harbor grudges for a long time...particularly if someone(like a cat) I love is harmed.

I did tell myslef I wasn't going to cry unless my babies tested positive for FeLuk. That lasted for a good five minutes after I got home.
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Take a deep breath and try to remain calm Natalie (I know, easy for me to say). I found this site when I was in a FeLV crisis. I went thru 2 months of waiting to test and retest my entire house and the entire feral colony that lives around my house.

When one of my favorite indoor boys tested positive, I searched and searched for a group to take him in. I did find one (in the bootheel of Missouri) whose advice was this: If the cat is well acclimated in their current environment, moving them out of that environment can stress them to the point that their compromised immune system won't ward off the disease. FeLV cats can live a long time (if they contracted the disease as an adult) if they are kept in a stress free, healthy environment. They suggested that I keep my boy and isolate him from others. Frankly, if I had less cats, I would have turned my house into a FeLV sanctuary (but I had 10 negative cats at the time).

I posted to your other thread about the odds that these babies would be positive. I think it is very low. There is nothing you can do about it in the meantime so try to remain calm, if not for your sake, but for their sake. Cats pick up on stress in their humans.

I will keep the positive "no-FeLV" vibes coming your way.
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