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I'm Nikki. Recently moved house and was made by my otherwise wonderful mother to give my beautiful 2-year-old, lilac-tipped short hairs away.
They were beautiful, a little boy - Foxy and his sister, Squeaky (didn't name them!). Squeaks had just had kittens three months previously - 5 of them, and she had apparently mated with the tortoise shell next door (!) so - very beauitful litter.
So yes, I'm a little sad at the moment, missing them horribly, and just thought I'd come on here and look around.
Hope you're all well xxxx
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Hi Nikki, welcome to the site.
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Welcome Nikki!
Why would your mom make you give your darlings away? I'm sad too.
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ohno I would be gutted too... why did she make you give them away?

welcome to TCS

let me, or another mentor know if you need any help around the forum
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Nikki thats awul! why did you have to give the away? I'm really sad for you
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Nikki, I am so sad for you! WHY? I don't get it.
I am sad!
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To be perfectly honest, they were little terrors. Mum had new carpets put in at the old house and Foxy and Squeaky absolutely cained them. And they were a lot of work, bless them, they were allowed to do absolutely anything they wanted at their previous owners, and so when they got to ours they still did the same thing, but they were older and more difficult to train.
The new house was all laminate flooring and cream carpets and mum had just about had enough of them, so we gave them to a lovely lady who I know will love them enough.
I understand why Mum wanted to give them away, they drove her potty, but I wish she hadn't because they were mine, not hers to give away.
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Welcome to TCS Nikki!, I'm so sorry that you had to say goodbye to your's so sad!
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Hello Nikki, welcome to the site
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Torty boys are a rarity, Squeaky is a lucky girl

I wonder if any of her kits will be male torties?
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I'm sorry you had to give your babies away
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I'm sorry you had to give your babies away Nikki. Welcome to TCS!
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!!
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Hello It's nice to meet you!
Sorry you had to give up your kitties

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Hello there Nikki and welcome to The Cat Site

We are glad you found us...

You will love it here
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Originally Posted by stormy
Sorry you had to give up your kitties

BonJour Mademoiselle!....tu parle French? some words! .....

To see you on the forums!
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