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She was mad at me, I think!

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I got back to the US on Thursday (Edit: I was away for a month in Japan finishing up some things and I had to leave Miya with my parents because she was screaming all the way to the airport--didn't want to fly back with me). I went to pick up Miya, but while I was holding her, she let out a hiss and after a while squirmed out of my arms. I tried to play with her, but she ran away! The next day, she started yowling for no reason. After a while, she came to me and started licking me. I took a nap and when I woke up, I found her there laying beside me. Now she's always following me and she isn't so interested in playing with the other members of the family anymore. What's going on? Was she angry that I left?
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Originally Posted by Miyas_mom
Was she angry that I left?
You must have smelled a bit different to her after your long absence. She wasn't very sure if you were really her mommy.
When I come back from a long trip, I let my gang check me out first. Cats prefer it that way. Anyway, it only takes like seconds for them to know it's mom!
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I remember when we had to go to Florida ( yeah right- HAD TO - we just had to relax on the sunny beaches of treasure island lol.. ) and left Mishka for ten days- my and hubby almost cryed looking at our pure baby who had no ide we are leaving him for 14 long days!!!! We wanted to take him with us at firs, but then decided - the heat and the 15 hours on a road don't worth it... So- our neighboor Stacey came to him ever day, played with him and changed his litter box... She told us- the only place he was sleeping at- was mine and Sasha clothes that we "accidentaly" dropped on our bed for Mishka....
When we came home- at first he really made sure we are who we are- it took him good 10 minutes to trust us, but then he could not stop purring, cuddling with us and playing.. And before he used to be a little raugh, but after that trip he kind a calmed dawn for a while and was just a sweetheart..
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She's most likely just confused. Kitty will come around in time.
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When I go visit my parents, the cats they have who have known me for years often act aloof and a little mean towards me for a couple of days.

Generally after they'll come up and ask for affection, but I always feel a little guilty until they come around.
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Oh, okay! Because she started coming around, purring and being really affectionate the very next morning. She began licking my face as usual. Now that I'm back, though, my father is getting disappointed about Miya not hanging around with him as much anymore!
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