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Stray cat...healthy?

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Hi everyone
This is my first time posting and I have a question that I need an answer to asap. We have a stray cat that comes to out house every night and sleeps on the rug. The problem is that I have 3 other cats and they like to go outside when it's nice(although they are indoor cats). The stray is while and it has like pink outlining the looks kinda sick or something. That's the it normal for white cats to have pink outlining the eyes? I thought it was but is there some health problem associated with that type of thing? The eyes look like there's a crust arounf them too. I don't want my cats to get something but I cannot keep this cat either. Help?!
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If the stray is a white kitty, then it could very well just be natural markings that you see. But because it is a stray, you need to keep your other kitties away from it in case it is carrying something that could transfer. The crusty eyes could be an upper respitory infection but it also could be something else. I would keep your inside kitties indoors until you can capture this stray and find it a nice permanent home. Good luck
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I agree with Hissy. It's safer to keep your cats away from the stray until the stray has been given a clean bill of health. The cat must be pretty social if he comes into your place at night and stays there to sleep. Maybe you could gain his trust while still keeping him outside and then coax him into a carrier.

If you are thinking of keeping this kitty, you could take him to a vet to be examined. If you aren't going to keep the cat, and you don't know anyone who wants to adopt him, then it might be best to take him to a no kill shelter so that he can be taken care of and adopted out. It probably won't be much fun for any of the cats if the stray remains lurking around outside.

As for the cat's eyes, my cat is white and I do notice a pink tinge around his eyes. Also, white dogs and cats often have stains around their eyes (from tears). But, I have noticed it more so on dogs.
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I completely agree with Vikki !! This cat has to be taken care of , no matter what you're plans with her are ... . Of course a nice new home would be perfect
Be sure also that there is no contact with your own cats , as this eye problem may be contageous ... !!
Good luck !!
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Ditto: Keep your cats indoors, until that stray finds another place, or unless you want to trap it and foster it, give it to a rescue group?

The crust around the eyes, is it brown/black, or more yellow, mucusy/shiney looking?

If its brown black, its either just sleepy seeds (tear duct problems), or it is allergic to something.

If its yellow/mucusy looking its probably a URI.

Also, disinfect that rug all the time. Some things you could drag in on your feet if you set on that rug and then into your house.
I used to work in a humane society, before I went home I would change my clothes and spray myself down with those lysol sprays lol.
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