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Scratching a $2000 TV!

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Oscar has just recently started to scratch our 55" $2000 TV and NOT making us happy! He never scratches anything besides his scratch board and never has. Waht can I do to deter him away from the TV before Trav loses it? It is an expensive tv and he scratches the speakers
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I have had good luck with double sided tape. I bought a new couch, and a cat I had staying with us liked scratching it. I put strips of double sided tape across the areas she used (not a solid mass of tape, but strips at intervals across it), and that seemed to work. It also came off the couch with no marks.

I also use the spray that is supposed to deter them. I figured, once the cat uses anything as a scratching post, they will go back to refresh the scent, so you need to get rid of that as well as redirect the behaviour. I spray the deterrent, and I also use the enzyme spray that I bought for the spots where Sam had "accidents" on the carpet.
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But would that spray work on TV speakers without ruining them? And he has a scratching board that he uses all the time.
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Hello there and I am sorry on your problem- i know how you feel- right between two fires! )))
How about getting couple more scratching posts and putting them right in front of the TV speakers- so they'll block the way for Oscar and distract him from scratching your exp toy? I've read it here- that this should help- if not, then try soft paws!
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Maybe putting a cloth over the speaker? (is not sure what would work in this case...
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