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This good or bad?

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I posted not long ago about my fussy cats.

they prefer canned but being in Uk theres not a great selection for canned, I got some hills kitten and adult for missy.

they ate it, but not like they were enjoying it at all, I also bought Royal canin kitten, and adult for missy, and Hills kitten and adult, which they wont eat on its own I have to mix with wet, theyd o enjoy it, they just prefer to have some wet at the bottom, silly kittys.

I also bought some cheaper wet to give varity as they get bored on the hills, an they ALL agree on the Arthurs problem is, it's adult not kitten.

i've tried all brands of kitten, and felix gave them upset tummy, hi life does as well. Arthurs they are fine on though, do you think this is ok, to feed, I will aslo be feeding hills kitten canned, occasinally and always put kitten dry on top, mostly royal canin brand and some hills.

Its the only food I can get them all to eat and ENJOY.
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Well, if it is all they will eat, then it will be better than nothing - I would try introducing other brands occasionally though, I find Arthurs is quite hard to find in supermarkets. I have to say that I don't like the ingredients in Hills or Royal Canin, mine get James Wellbeloved (you can get sample bags off their website) and HiLife biscuits due to the high meat content - did find one with a higher content, but Pebbles wouldn't eat it unless it was mixed with something else, so I didn't see the point in that. How old are they?
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Have you tried them on Purina One? The dry biscuit is quite small as my Izzy has only got one tooth left!

I have to agree with booktigger about the contents of some foods, they are not always as good as they seem. When looking at cat foods try to avoid those that contain meat derivatives as these are the bits left over that are not fit for human consumption. I go on the basis that if i wouldn't eat it why give it to my cats?

The HiLife varieties do have a high meat content and my moggies like it, however it is not a complete meal so should not be fed on its own.

Another dry one that my cats like is the Pets at Home own brand which does come in different types, such as adult and kitten.

My apologies if you all ready know all this, it is a mine field when it comes to cat food. So many varities, both dry and wet, some good some not so good, and of course at the end of the day its the fussy feline that
has the last word
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Actually, HiLife does come in complete food as well, not as easy to find though - I get mine from an online supplier, www.smyleepets.co.uk - their website isn't up to date, but you can ask for a list of the food and they will gladly send it to you. And you can feed the complimentary food as long as you feed the complete biscuits. I have used Purina One, it is one of the few dry foods I would use, but only has a 16% meat content, compared to 26% for both James Wellbeloved and HiLife. Olli has about 32%, but PEbbles wont eat it unless it is mixed with something else, and I know other people who have to do the same with it. And my male cat can manage both James Wellbeloved and HiLife, and he has no teeth at all now - he gets grumpy if he doesn't have his biscuits at night - he only has 10 though as he is on a diet.
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Thanks booktigger for the info on HiLife

I will check out the site mentioned, i have not seen the complete food in any of my local pet stores or supermarkets.

I have tried Ollie as well, pity they dont make it in bigger packs tho' James Wellbeloved sounds good, i will seek this one out as well.

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Just ordered a catalogue from www.smyleepets.
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I have found the complete food in Asda, Tesco and Wilkinson, but Tesco do the best range - typical as it is 2 buses away!! It comes in either 85g tins or pouches, but the pouches don't go down too well here!! I have to order mine as I haven't found the senior food anywhere, and Ginger has to have senior food for his weight - plus he is 14.
Smylee pets do James WEllbeloved too, and it is the cheapest I have seen it - I have always got mine from the vets but it is about £2 cheaper at Smylees, although you do pay p & p, so it is only worth it if you are buying a lot - I do a months shopping in one go. Just a shame Pebbles wont eat James Wellbeloved, so I have to buy HiLife for her - but it comes in bigger bags through Smylees than it does in a shop.
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he gets grumpy if he doesn't have his biscuits at night

so do i
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The hi life gives my cats diahrea,

I've got the james wellbeloved downstairs they willl only eat it on wet. and i can't find a kitten wet they like.

I've also tried purina one, and pro plan they like it on wet, but they don't liketo eat just dry.

this is where i'm stuck for a decent wet food thry all like, they will eat most dry foods, but only on wet food.

i'm really stuck, they used to like hills kitten, but now as much as it goes down they seem to get bored, why i wanted to get a different varity for them to swap occasinaly but arthurs is only one they like. is it ok to do that? use hills wet arthurs wet, and a varity of drys on top?

Maybe now there alittle older I should try hilife again. I was just alittle worried to again, as before they had awful diahrea. i'll pick up one can for missy today an one for kittens see if there ok with it, fingers crossed for me!!

its the only wet i havent tried for awhile!
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Oh and the kittens are nearly 6 months!
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Ok I went to lots of pet shops eariler.

I couldn't find much varity I only found hi life fish varitys. only one flavour.

I went to my local ASDA to pick up soem purina one again, i've not had this in awhile, maybe they wtill now eat it on its on or soaked with alittle water.

I also trying Whikas kitten gravy, it was the jelly i bought before which they wont have so i thought, i'll try the gravy under some dry.

the vitmin content in the Whiskas kitten is alot higher than in the felix, I hope they will enjoy the purina one and whikas kitten gravy! I just want them to enjoy it,

fingers crossed.
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