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Grass for your cat to eat?

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I'm referring to the plastic tubs of grass seeds that you add water to and then they sprout for your indoor cat to eat.

1. Waste of money?

2. What brand and/or type of seed do your cats like?

3. Any negatives?

Any comments aprreciated in advance .

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Sierra and Serenity love their cat grass! They have two terra cotta pots, one for eating their full grown grass while the other is growing in the window. This way, they have grass to enjoy at all times!
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I just grew some oat grass for my cats. They ate some of it. And so far they haven't upchucked it either! Its not very expensive. simple to grow just add water and some light and it grows. So I would give it a try and see if yours like it.
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I've found that the grass you grow in plastic tubs (the "just-add-water packs") dies easily, and attracts gnats. It's better (and cheaper) to buy seeds (oat grass), and plant them in a heavy pot with potting soil. Jamie prefers Cyprus grass, which you buy at gardening centers, and then "regrow" by separating the roots and starting new pots.
Most cats seem to love it, but there is a chance that they'll get a blade stuck in their throat or nostrils. On the plus side, they'll usually leave other houseplants alone, and I really believe that it cuts down on hairballs.
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Found this info about cats and eating grass.
Even if they're eating the best cat food in the world, cats may need a little help with digestion. Tender green grasses help provide this assistance. Cats are actually biologically programmed to eat grass for this very reason
Eating cat grass can also help your cat in another important way -- to cough up fur balls. Yep, that's another reason your cat need grass it helps a cat cough up fur balls that develop in their stomach as a result of all that grooming
So I guess it does provide some good health benefits for them.
Cats need greens to provide vitamins (folic acid), aid their digestion, assist in removing fur balls and increase roughage in their diet. Eating grass is a natural craving for cats. Healthy and natural organic grasses can help provide an excellent source of vegetation. Folic acid, in particular, is very important to your cat's digestive health.
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Thanks to all of y'all for the great suggestions and experiences.

More are welcome too .
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Oliver Looooooooooooves his kitty grass! It definitely aides in digestion and satisfies their natural want for ruffage... it's a great idea, especially for indoor only kitties that dont get to munch on outside grass. I get my oat seeds from www.poopsiecat.com as suggested by someone along the way on this site... I find that her seeds produce grass that lasts MUCH longer than anything I've bought in pet stores and her prices are much better... you can have her send you a free sample first too.... I put Oliver's grass on "his" shelf by the window and he sits and munches while he watches outside.... he's mad at me right now cuz the pot he has is dead and the pot I'm growing isn't quite ready yet!
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My cat loves it. cat grass aids in their digestion.
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I'm wondering if cat grass is so good for cats. Why is it that within 5 minutes of eating they almost always vomit it back up? Any ideas why?I find that mine vomit up grass that they eat outside just your regular lawn grass. But the oat grass I just grew they have eaten and they don't vomit it up.
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Purdy and Red Cat both eat it to help them throw up a hairball. When Red Cat is really adamant about wanting outside at a time I don't normally let him out, if I show him that I have some grass ready, he usually eats that and calms down. And yes, usually he throws up a hairball later. I haven't noticed Sheba going after the grass yet.
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The reason it's suggested to grow your cat grass such as oat grass is because the blades are rounded while most "outside grasses" have flat, sharp blades that wont sit well with your kitty... that's probably at least one reason why a cat would immediately throw up outside grass but not "kitty grass"... also who knows what types of things are on that outside grass that could upset your kitty's tummy... the only time Oliver immediately threw up his kitty grass was the very first time I offered it to him and I think he over-indulged some... I think, personally, if Oliver was always throwing up his kitty grass, I'd take him into the vet to make sure he didn't have any gastrointestinal problems and to ask the vet's opinion on the subject...
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BuzbyJLC10: Thanks for the link. I just ordered their Starter Kit.

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