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Vaccination Reaction?!

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Yesterday I took the kids in for their shots and they had rabies, FIV, Fluk, and something I cant remember. The vet didnt give CJ a wormer because when we come back from the vet he always throws up and she said since he doesnt catch mice or have fleas he didnt really need it (he is always inside). We got home and in about 10 minutes he threw up twice.

He threw up on my bed (poor little guy) and on the floor. I watched them for about 40 minutes, then put them in the bathroom because I had to go to town.

I got home and let them out. He was talking very loudly almost like he was in pain. Every time he tried to sit down he would lick himself a couple of times and jump back up like the floor was on fire. His ears were flushed as was the skin under the sparse hair on his forehead. His nose was dry and very hot, and he wanted me to pet him but when i did he shrank away like it hurt. Right before he threw up a couple of times he started licking his lips really fast like there was something on his face/nose. He was also obsesivly grooming. After a while all that was in the vomit was hair a clearish liquid and foam. After a while it started looking pink but it was only twice, after that it was clear.

He tried to find a place to hide and him, gabby and I spend the night in the bathroom. This morning he is fine, but is sleeping a lot.

Have you ever had a cat react like that to shots?
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I've seen those reactions, along with diarrhea. If he's okay now, don't worry, but the next time he's due for shots, tell your vet (it's best to write everything down so that you don't forget). Your vet can then give him an antihistamine, and/or use different vaccines, or spread the shots out. If I know a cat has had an adverse reaction to shots, I usually stay at the vets' office for about a half hour after the shots, just in case it happens again, and the cat goes into shock.
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Reilly had a fever with his first distemper shot so the 2nd one they gave him a antihistamine, injection along with the distemper. We only did one shot at a time and went back for his rabies after a couple of weeks.
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I'm glad he's better today. Vomiting or diarrhea after vaccinations is a sign of a potentially life-threatening reaction.

Adverse Reactions to Vaccination

Allergic Reaction to Vaccines in Cats

Mr. Underfoot almost died a few years ago when he went into shock after getting his vaccines - his first symptom was vomiting, and it progressed rapidly into shock. I had to rush him to the emergency clinic, where they were fortunately able to get him stabilized, but he was sleepy and "out of it" for a week or so afterward. When he was due for his shots again the next year, the vet gave an antihistamine injection first, and then gave a single vaccine, and kept him for observation. He came back two weeks later for another shot, and so on until he was up to date.

As Jcat said, make sure to tell your vet about the reaction, so you can discuss the risks vs. benefits of future vaccination, and take precautions to prevent a reaction next time.
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Wow! CJ fit the description of Urticaria to a "t." He has gotten his shots once before and he was punch drunk for about 6 hours. My poor baby! I have never seen him act that way. He was literally trying to climb the walls to try to find someplace to hide. I slept in the bathroom floor with him last night with an old comforter, blanket and pillow. I couldnt have slept on my bed if I wanted to (even if the sheets and stuff had time to be washed and dryed). I woke up evey 30 minutes or so to check on him and listen to his breathing. He also peed a lot last night, every ten minutes for about an hour.

It was so scary, I feel terribly guilty for getting his shots done. I knew they upset his tummy, but I never expected him to react like that.

Today his ears and eyebrows still look like they have a bad sunburn, and he has been sleeping much of today. He still feels hot to me, but drank about 1/4 cup of pedalite and ate a little wet food today (and has kept both down!), he also has drank a bit of water. Him and Gabby played for a couple minutes, but soon he went to take a nap.

Poor guy. I have never loved 8.6 pounds so much. He is my baby boy.
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