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New Maine Coon kitten

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I can't take him home yet, he's only 2 months old right now, but went to visit him in NJ today. Thought I would share a few pics. I think I am in Love His name is Mannahatta's Mischief of Sandkats.
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Lil' Mischief
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No!!!! I want him!!!!

What a doll! He's so cuddly looking. I'm so jealous - how many kitties do you have now?
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I am telling you, I have been wanting a Maine Coon for YEARS. It took me this long to find a breeder I liked and trusted. He is SO cute and playful. Right now we are guessing he is a blue smoke, but may end up being a black smoke.
As for the # of cats....LOL with the litter of kittens in the house, I have 21 when he comes home. The real # of cats that own us will be either 13 or 14 depending on the # of kittens we keep
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He is adorable! I have always wanted a Maine Coon. I love that they are so big and have such huge paws. My vet told me he thinks there may have been a Maine Coon somewhere in my Leo's gene pool. He has the biggest paws I've ever seen on a cat that has the standard number of toes. Congratulations on your upcoming addition. We are all looking forward to lots of pics!
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Mischief is so cute! Are you breeding him?
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Lucky lucky you! He is absolultely the most beautiful babe.......
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Oh so precious!!

Maybe some day again I'll get too keep one of these kittens that come into my house.. Well Tage is practically still mine, I had him from 6 weeks.
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How cute! And I'd swear he's smiling at you!
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Is this an underlying theme of your household? Chaos.....Mischief? LOL
He has grown up well Sandie, from the first picture I saw of him. What a sweetie!
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It's funny because now I am at the other end of waiting for a kitten. Most of her cats get to be around 20 to 22 pounds, so he's going to be pretty big by the time he's 5.
I am not going to be breeding Maine Coon's. Mischief will be neutered when he's old enough. However, I am waiting till he's 7 months per the breeders recomendation. I am going to show him as an alter
Hissy, I can't help it! I guess these guys are so spoiled, they can do what they want and seem to be Kaos, Mayhem and Mischief Actually I only named him yesterday. He is VERY playful and gets into everything. He climbs Carla's legs and jumps on her back...LOL
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Lucky you, he's adorable! And I want a Maine Coon too....
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Oh Sandie, he is adorable! I'll bet you can't wait to get him home!!!
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What a handsome boy!
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One word...GORGEOUS!!!
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What a handsome face! I love that second picture of him.
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So do I, it's so precious!
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Wow Sandie, that's a lot of furries! I've been trying to trick my boyfriend into more kitties, no luck so far. I ried to get him to be a foster, but he knew that neither of us would be able to give a kitty back, so then I told him I wanted to breed animals, and gave him a choice between breeding Great Danes, or kittens. I thought that might work, but I just got a look.
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what a cutie! my mom has a maine coon, they are sooo wonderful. i love their personalities. if i ever get a long-hair i want a maine coon.
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Congrads on the new babe. All these kitten pictures are about do me in. I WANT A KITTEN. But, I know that it would upset my two, so I will just have to keep looking at everyone elses kittens.
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Sandie he is just beautiful! I think he likes you, too from the looks of those pics. What a cutie pie!
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AWWWWWW Sandie!! He is FABULOUS!!! What a stunner!!!! I have a male Blue Maine coon and he is the most friendly, laid back, snuggly cat I've ever had!! I adopted him a while back - he was 7 years old and weighed around 17 pounds, now he is 8 years old and weighs aound 19 pounds (when he has his "winter warmth" though, he goes to about 20 pounds.... chub.... :laughing: )

Seriously though, you will LOVE having a Maine Coon around the house.....More pics when you get them!!
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Congratulations! Cute pics.
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OMG is he adorable. I can't wait to get to judge this one. As for the rest of you, I know the breeder she got him from and she's wonderful. I love her cats and I always joke that I need a crane to pick them up out of the judging cage. BTW Sandie, I LOVE his name.

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He is stunning! I would love to get a Maine Coon - hubby wants one too, but with Sugarly being so upset right now we can't. Enjoy him when you get him!

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