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My 2 year old tuxedo kitty is a sturdy, 13 lb. boy. Gateway is a gentle giant and a healthy eater. He had a clean bill of health after his routine vet visit in December. Over the past 3 days however, he has not been himself. He has been much more lethargic, staying in smaller confined spaces and not eating as usual. He also has been vomiting a frothy white and sometimes yellow substance. My vet who has examined him says he doesn't feel any obstruction. He has no fever and weighed in at 12.5 lbs. The vet attributed the problem to a hairball and gave Gateway a stool softener. I'm a bit skeptical because I know my cat - he is not himself and the lethargy and not eating are of concern. My other two kitties have had hairballs but nothing ever like this. Gateway has had the whooping type hairball cough as of late but not since he started the vomiting and other symptoms. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I want Gateway to be his big, affectionate self again!
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Well my advice (although not professional by anymeans) give him some pedialite (unflavored) to replace some of the fluid he has lost. Also warm some of his food slightly and place it by where he is resting to try to encourage him. He will eat when ready, but be forewarned it might just come right back up. Try to make him as comfortable as possible, maybe a blanket to lay on, and make it quiet and relaxing as possible (i have heard classical music helps, as does a plug in called feliway).

When he vomits is there large amounts of hair in it? If he is always grooming it might be good to switch to a hairball formula of cat food, and maybe laxatone (a hairball remedy) to prevent this in the future.

As always follow your vets advice, and if he isnt showing any improvement in a day or so, take him back, to the same vet or a different one.
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How long ago did the vet give him the stool softener? Has he improved since taking it? Is he using his litter box? Have you used any sort of flea treatment or other medication on him lately?
If he is showing no signs of improvement, my feeling would be that it isn't a hairball at all and there is some other cause for his symptoms. That means another trip to the vet.
I hope he feels better soon, I know how worried you must be.
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My advice would be contact the vet right away. My reason for saying this is that our 12 year old tuxedo, Max developed these same symptoms in July last yr. I am not trying to frighten you, but we lost him to renal failure. He was drooling like you described. That was his first symtom. I wiped his mouth and he didn't do it anymore. But he didn't eat his supper. The next day I took him to the dr. That was on Friday. The bloodwork showed kidney problems. They kept him all weekend, giving him fluids and antibiotics. By Monday we had no choice but to have him put to sleep. My heart still aches so much because we had no idea what caused it. Has your cat had bloodwork to check his kidneys. If not, he needs a full senior panel bloodwork done to see how his kidneys and liver are doing.
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I want to thank all of you who responded to my initial post regarding Gateway's vomiting.

My husband and I took Gateway to an emergency vet clinic this morning. Sadly, we learned that Gateway had feline leukemia. While we knew he was sick, we never expected this diagnosis. Especially since our kitty appeared to be symptom free until this week. Gateway's red blood cell count was half of that of a healthy cat. The vet was great and gave us our options.

We said goodbye to our affectionate, loveable, "giant, monster kitty" as we adoringly called him about two hours ago. We still cannot get over how quickly all of this materialized.

We will be having Gateway's mother and brother tested this week. Thank you, again. Your insight and advice were appreciated. Initial testing and vaccination is the lesson to be learned here.
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I'm so sorry about your loss. It must've been a horrible shock to hear the diagnosis. RIP, Gateway.
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My heart, tears and prayers go out to you after your sudden and tragic loss of Gateway . . . such a youngster. I sure hope his mother and brother test out OK.

May memories of Gateway comfort you. He knew he was loved, and he'll be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest In Peace, sweet Gateway.
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God bless you as you mourn the loss of Gateway. I am so very sorry. May your wonderful memories of him comfort you. Also, here's hoping the other kitties will be fine. Rest in peace big kitty. You are loved and missed.
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I'm so sorry for Gateways loss at such a young age You gave him love and affection and i'm sure Gateway knows that

I hope the others are ok as well

RIP Gateway and enjoy playing with all the other kitties over the bridge
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I send hugs to you. This was an awful shock, I know. RIP, sweet kitty!
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your big beautiful gentle guy. It must be hard to bear such a sudden unexpected loss. We are sending you best wishes and prayers.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. FELV is rare but unfortunately still out there. I hope his mother & brother test Negative so you will be able to keep them and love them in Gateway's memory.
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How heartbreaking! I hope the other kitties are ok!

Rest in peace, Gateway! Condolences to all who loved him who are left behind!
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RIP sweet Gateway - I am sorry that your time with here was so short
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Condolences on the loss of a very special cat. JC is that same big, fluffy gentle giant type of cat, and reading your post just shot through my heart, I couldn't stop the tears from coming on. I am just grateful that you found the courage to let Gateway leave this world for a better place, even though it hurts so, so bad to let go. FAREWELL, Gateway! Heaven is one wonderful kitty richer tonight.
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