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shedding problem

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I just had a question about the shed no more pills that you sprinkle on the cat's food. My 3 cats are so picky about what they eat (they only eat chicken soup for the cat lovers soul) that I can't even sprinkle the stuff on their food because they smell it and they won't eat it. I have even tried soft food and mixing it in and they really don't even like soft food as a treat. I was just wondering if there is anything I could get to give them to help with the shedding that they may not even realize is on there? With 3 cats, even brushing twice daily, there is an enormous amount of hair.
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Two of may cats are serious shedders. One is picky on food already I don't add any extra. What type of brush do you use??? I was lucky I used to have a cat that loved being vaccuumed!!
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many use salmon oil ... i use olive oil... for a cat about half a teapsoon
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I kind of want to try this myself..
Sam sheds soooo much, you'd think I had 3 or 4 cats.
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Sharky, what brand of olive oil do you use? My girls shed a lot and I would love to try olive oil before something like a pill or a product made just to help reduce shedding.
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I use the mid priced half gallon extra virgin olive...lol.. same I use for the human animals in the house...
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So you just put a half a teaspoon in their food everyday?
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I do it about twice a week , but my "kids all are getting high omega 6 and 3 s from there regular foods ... every day I would if the omge 6 in your food is under 3%
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