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Lend a hand and a paw.

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I want to share this with you all, as lately, i've not been feeling so good.

I'm 20 years old, at the age of 18 I fell very ill and had a viral infection attack my heart, sort of a heart attack as well, all my heart was inflammed. it was awful.

The doctors 2 years on have no idea what it is that caused it, and what is causing it now,

they apologies to me, they acutally admitted they've let me be with no meds because I was so young to see if the body recovered itself.
every few months I have a check up....

But my last one was,

They told me my heart is STILL inflammed from bloods they did from december. I was deverstated. i'm on an emergancy list for a really deatailed scan which I don't know alot about it's called a MRI. to see exactley whats going on inside me.
it could take up to 6 months the waiting lists are so long.

The love of my life Nick. had pulled me through all this all my fear. but when i'm home alone.(me and Nick don't live together just yet, hopefully this year we will). the cats are always always here for me.

I cry sometimes when they lie with me and paw my face gentley, I can see how much they care right in there soulful eyes. they never leave my side when i'm ill in bed. they all pile on top of me. paw my face occasionaly to see if i'm ok.

How magical is it, to have cats? espcailly when your ill, or down?

they always there to help.

Does anyone have the same experiance with there cats? i'm sure most of us do, cats aer such loving caring creatres.
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I am so sorry for your illness.

I know what you mean about moggies tho. I was off sick for 5 months from work with stress and depression , or 'general debility' as the docs call it.

My cats definately knew all was not well and would sit on the bed with me or on my lap, and would also touch my face with a paw.

And despite the fact that during the worst of those weeks, when i could see no light at the end of the tunnel, i had to care for the cats. That gave me something to focus on.

My husbands support and my moggies helped me through a very difficult time.

With your partner and cats love i feel sure things will be better soon.

I wish you well
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Claire i'm so sorry for what your having to go through right now

If you google MRI scans it will tell you all you need to know about them because they give a more detailed picture than the ordinary x-ray machines.

And yes i know exactly what you mean about the cats when were ill, because a few weeks ago i was really ill with flu for about 5 days, and the girls hardly left my side, and it's not often i get both of them on my lap at the same time
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I'm really sorry you've got this awful thing hanging over you it must be terrible. I know what you mean though, when I'm sick I get both of them all over me it's lovely. Also if I'm ever upset or crying over something Sleeves is such a sensitive soul he comes over and miaows at me and gives me kisses
I really hope you get better and they find out whats up so it can be treated.
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Yes, I've had the flu for about a week, and Festus was on me all the time. I'm feeling better now, but obviously not fully recovered, because the cats are still pretty attentive.

Is there anyway you can get a second opinion? An 18 to 20 year old with cardiac problems should be at the top of any waiting list, IMO! And letting it go for two years to see if you will heal about some antiviral medications? Or some therapy to help you strenghten your heart muscle?
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So sorry to hear you have been unwell. I am really glad your cats are there for you.

They really are senstitive creatures arn't they.

About 24 years ago I fell off my horse and really injured my back I was bed ridden and could not walk, I had a littl egrey cat called Jinx whome I had rescued, she used to follow me everywhere (later when I married and moved house she used to meet me off the bus).

No one but me could handle Jinx she was a little spit fire. While I was sick she only left the bed to go to the toilet, my mom complained to my Nan that she could not get the cat off the bed. My Nan was a bit of a toughy and said no problem she would do it.... Jinx soon put pay to that and saw my nan off in style.

Later when I was well enough to lie in the garden on a sun lounger Jinx would lie on top of me untill she got too hot then she would lie in the shade underneath. She did that untill I was up and walking again thens he went back to normal.

I had that lovely cat untill she died aged only 13 from a liver problem, they think because of her poor beginning she had a dodgy liver, I still think of that lovely loyle little cat 24 years later.

Her brother who was twice as wild lived till he was 22.

Hope you get well soon, give those loevly kitties a hug from me for being so lovely
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Its a shame that you have to wait for 6 months for an MRI. In the States as you know we do not have te same type of health care system but you could schedule an MRI within just a couple of days or perhaps a week wait. I had an MRI a few yrs ago when I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome on one of my hands. Drs routinely schedule MRI's I bet my mom has had 2 or 3 of them already.
My senior Ox who never sleeps on the bed did so a few times in 2004 when I had some difficult decisions to make about another of my cats.
Take care of yourself.
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I know money can't cure everything but if we win the lottery tonight I'll make sure that you don't have to wait six months for a scan.
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I like the concept of the NHS, but the waiting periods are ridiculous. I'm sorry you have to go through all this, particularly at such a "tender" age. You'll be in my thoughts.
Yes, cats definitely have a sixth sense about illness. Jamie, who is affectionate, but not a "lap cat", really surprised me when I had a hysterectomy a few years ago. He not only was extremely gentle, but would carefully back up against my abdomen in bed, and purr for hours. He also does it when I'm experiencing back trouble. Instead of climbing all over me, as is his wont, he'll inch his way towards my back, and act as a feline heating pad/massaging device. My husband is just getting over bronchitis, and has been laughing about how Jamie has been cuddling against his upper body every chance he gets, and turning on his "motor". Cats are real little nurses.
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I am sorry that you are going through this illness, which is obviously draining you both emotionally and physically. You have my best wishes that they soon find a treatment which will help you.

Luna is my little nurse. If I'm sick or upset, she is right there, kneading on me, putting her face right into mine. One night, I was crying...she actually licked the tears from my cheeks. Which, of course, made me cry
Sophie's a bit more aloof. She will lurk around, see how serious the problem is, then decide if she should intervene.
When Sunni was with us, she would run to the baby's bassinett every time he cried.
They are truly sensitive, beautiful creatures.
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I'm so sorry to hear you are so ill. I have had an MRI before and while it isn't a horrible experience it isn't high on my list of things to repeat. Ask them if you can bring headphones with you so you can listen to music. Also, you can ask to have someone (a friend, family, boyfriend) come with and they can talk to you over the microphone while you're in there. Otherwise it gets VERY boring and a bit claustrophobic, if you're prone to that.

Cats are great, aren't they? Oliver is definitely very in tune with my emotions and always knows when I need a snuggle.
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I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I am 19 now, but fell ill when I was 16. I basically have the bladder of a 90 year old woman(to put it bluntly). I couldn't even go to class because I had to pee every 15 minutes, or more often. Not only is it embarrasing to tell people that(I have gotten to where I don't care), I had to go though hour long tests. They would make me wait until the last possible moment before I wet my pants. I had an MRI, a CAT scan, X-rays, & some very uncomfortable other tests. It sucks. Through it all I had Twitch. That is why I love her so much. She was there with me through it all. My "friends" decided not to talk to me anymore because I was "ill". They treated me like I had the plague. Twitch was just about my only friend.

They still don't know what is wrong with me(they did prescibe me one of those "gotta go" meds). I cannot drink because my kidneys were affected by drinking so much fluid(6 ounces or more a day). I have never tasted alcohol & probably never will get to.

It's actually weird to think about it. How many people out ther drink too much? How many people out there ruin their kidneys & here I am, unable to afford that luxury. How may people live on fatty foods blocking their arteries & here you have trouble with your heart?

Be happy that you have such a strong heart. It just means that you can love people & cats more than most others. I will keep you in my thoughts. Know that not olny are your kitty babies there for you, that Nick is there for you, & that we are here for you. Whenever you need us. We would love to send you all the good vibes we can.
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Thanks so much everyone for your loving support.

I find cat owners are often like there cats, loyal sensitive and kind.

Honestly you've all really touched me, if I ever need to talk, I know where to come, thanks for making me feel welcome.
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Aaw sweetie I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Life isn't fair sometimes... but like you say, the cats always are such a comfort. They're always there for you, and it's so obvious they love their mummy lots!

With all the love you'll get from people here, I hope you're gunna feel a bit better soon.
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Claire, My prayers are with you. May the MRI come much more quickly than you think. May the findings be something treatable and curable.

You have wonderful cats. It sounds like Nick is a blessing too. I'm so glad they are helping you.
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You poor thing! I always feel horrible when I find out people so young with such a delicate situation.

It sounds like you do have a lot of support, especially from Nick and your cats. My personal belief is that cats sense more then we know. In turn, psychologists have determined that by having a pet, we do lead longer lives than those without he benefit of a furry pet.

My best wishes too you! I hope you get in sooner.
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Claire I can appreciate your frustration with the medics!

I hope that they are able to get you through for your MRI soon! It will be much better for you and them, once they have a great image of your insides!

I agree that the love of our furbabies keep us going!
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thanks again everyone, my cats have been so close with me this week.

I enjoy cat napping on my bed with them all.

Is so relaxing, and joyful to know, there right beside you, always, not matter what it is, they'll curl up on your lap, or on your bed. and listen.

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