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Bug spraying?

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Hi I need ya'lls advice. Last night when I got home there was a note on my door saying the new building manager was coming on monday to change the locks and spray for bugs. How safe could this be for Chichi and Murphy? The whole 2 years I have been staying there, no one has ever sprayed for bugs so I have not dealt with this before. Please help me! I have not contacted them yet to see exactly what company and the type of spray they are using, I will do that this afternoon.
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I would definately find out what it is the company will be using.

Did they say that you had to leave while it is being done? If that is the case then take your buddies with you if you can. Or maybe they can stay at a neighbours for a few hours while the sprays are being used? I guess that whatever they will be using wont smell very nice even if it is safe for the cats. I know when i use a general house flea spray the smell is not very pleasant, but it does go after a while with the windows open.

Maybe even book them into a cattery for the day for peace of mind?

Hope all goes well.
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Personally, I would remove my kitties for the day - those industrial sprays are much more potent than what we buy over-the-counter.
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I also would remove the cats from the house. I don't think its a good idea to have them there when the spraying is going on.Is it legal for them to spray your apartment like this?If you don't have any bugs I would try and get them to not spray.
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just talk to the pest control person; some wont spray if you have pets and others will only spray in certain places (like outside)
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