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allergic to cats...

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I have a friend that is allergic to cats and heard there is a breed of cat that doesn't shed and must be combed, and supposedly does not carry the same allergens as other cats. Do you have any idea what breed this might be?
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There are a few that are supposed to be okay for people with allergies. It would be best for your friend to visit the breeders home to make sure. All of the Rex's, spynx, siamese, and I have also heard that the Siberians are supposed to be okay for people with allergies.
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There are also dander wipes that help. It helps to bathe them, launder bedding, and vaccuum frequently.

Thank God I am not allergic to cats!
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Thank you both so much for your quick responses! Her doctor had advised her to find a new home for the cat she had, but she couldn't bring herself to do that. Last week the cat passed away and she is lost without him, and wanted to find one that would not aggravate her allergies so. She had some type of spray that she used on the cat in addition to bathing, but it didn't seem to help much. I'm sure this info will thrill her! Thanks again!
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Best thing to do is spend some time at the various breeders and see how her allergies are.

PS: Anything that has hair, incl. humans, shed. Some shed more like Persians and some less like Bengals.
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....one more thing - Cleaning out the duct work and Hepa (sp?) filters are supposed to help greatly.
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I'm not exactly sure what they are called, but what about the hairless cats? Would those be an option?
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Unfortunately, there aren't any hypoallergenic cats. Even the hairless kitties (Sphynx) shed skin (dander) and have other proteins (from skin/urine) which cause an allergic reaction. The degree to which your friend is allergic to cats could be the ultimate factor in whether she can deal with having another cat.

Has your friend had a skin test and blood test to see if the cat was truly the culprit? Did she definitely feel better after the cat was no longer around (although, since dander can hang around she might have to do a really thorough clean up to tell)? I listened to a doctor (specialist) who insisted that the cat I had gotten a few months prior was the cause of my breathing difficulties. So, after another couple of months of feeling sick, I found kitty a great new home. But, I still felt crappy. It wasn't until I moved out of my apt that I felt better. I think that old building had some kind of environmental problem! Needless to say, when I had the opportunity to give a home to a stray kitty, I jumped at the chance.

The earlier suggestions of visiting a breeder to see how your friend reacts to the cats is a good idea.

If your friend gets a cat, it's also a good idea to keep the cat out of the bedroom (sleeping w/kitty often makes things worse). The other suggestions of washing the cat and using an air filter are good too.

Also, there are prescription drugs that one can take for pet allergies. A friend of mine who gets a bit sneezy around cats takes an over the counter allergy medecine that does the trick for him.
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WhenI first met my husband, he said he was allergic. Well, I figured first and last date because I am a breeder and so are all of my friends. He walked into my house and had absolutely no reaction. He also went to my mom's with no problems. I am very careful with cleaning and my cats are always brushed and kept up even if they are not on the show circuit. I also use a pine litter that helps. I raise abys and know people who don't have allergies to them but then again, it all depends on how the cats and home is kept. Hope this helps.

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I am allergic to cats, dogs, & horses. I've had the allergy tests & more specifically I am allergic to their dander.

However, my cats & dog do not bother my allergies. When I pet other cats and dogs my allergies flair. I'm sure that peoples allergies work differently, but maybe it is possible to build an immunity to your own pets. It seems to be so in my case.

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Safron - I have the same thing. I'm allergic to everything under the sun that I can breathe in. My best friend is the same way. Both of us have cats and our cats don't bother us. Also, from what I understand, kittens don't have as much dander as adult cats, so if you get a cat as a kitten your body can develop the immunity as the cat gets more dander from cleaning itself.

One other helpful hint - Zyrtec is absolutely a godsend!!! I'm sure you've seen the commercials talking about how this drug is approved for indoor allergies as well as outdoor. I hate to sound like a commercial, but they are right. The other really good thing about Zyrtec is that it has minimal reactions with many drugs that other allergy meds do, and it really doesn't cause drowsiness. The side effects are minimal.
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