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Foxxy, my kitten that I got almost 2 months ago is the cutest kitten ever. One problem…she attacks everything in sight. My sister’s cat Peaches, and my dog Daytona, are pretty fed up with her. Whenever Daytona walks around, Foxxy wraps her paws around his legs or feet and bites him. Or she’ll wrap them around his face and bite his neck. She does the same thing with Peaches. Peaches is pregnant and I think that’s why Peaches hates her so much because after the first week of having Foxxy she got used to her and they played together. So now, either peaches has gotten fed up with how rough she is, or she doesn’t want to play because she is pregnant. Foxxy wants to play CONSTANTLY and when she doesn’t, all she wants to do is curl up with Daytona and me on my bed, and she’ll suckle on his curly fur. Daytona HATES this. Now they keep me up all night when Foxxy chases Daytona around the bed and Daytona is walking in circles growling, and their trampling all over me. I feel bad for Daytona because he never gets and peace, and I have to bring Daytona under the covers next to me so Foxxy can’t get at him. Is this just something I have to get used to because she is a kitten? Or will she grow out of it at about 1 year of age? She is about 14-15 weeks right now. I need advice because Daytona has started to snap at Foxxy, and Daytona has never bitten any animal no matter how much they annoyed him. She is getting THAT bad. I love her, but my other pets don’t.
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I am so sorry... Hope they will get along eventually. maybe it is a good idea to have them seperated for night hours, or while you can not watch them?
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Well I have to let Daytona sleep with me. If i dont he would be heartbroken. He is never NOT around me. And I couldnt do that anyway. I love him too much not to be around him at night. If I lock Foxxy and Peaches out then Foxxy will annoy Peaches. I feel bad for Peaches. When my sister is home (she spends the night at friends alot) Peaches goes in her room at night with the door shut. This means Foxxy has to stay out in the main area of the house all by herself and I feel bad because she is only a kitten and I dont want to leave her all alone :'(
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She's still very young. She'll calm down as she gets older. She's really cute by the way.
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It sounds like typical kitten behavior.Try playing with her at bed time to get her tired out. I would try and let the pregnant cat get her rest though.Kittens play rough and hard and are full of energy your pregnant cat needs her space and more rest then normal.
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Sounds typical. Kittens are very energetic and will pick on older animals, trying to get them to play.
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