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Fleas and worming?

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hey there, I live in the UK, and my 4 cats, have both been wormed and flead but a months gone by, and they need treating again, I last used Frontline a pack of 6 was £25! I wormed them all seperatly with Milbemax, and the kitten varity for Simba & Star. (kittens are currently being wormed monthly till 6 months.)

I only ever get worming and flea treatment from the vets, last time iwas there i picked up a few leaflets looking at some drops which do worrms and fleas? they've already been wormed though, I've heart alot abotu advantage drops,
i'm not sure which way to go about it. my friend advised me to use the all in one worms and flea spot ons, as its cheaper.

I've always thought the miblemax tablets were extrememly effective, in dealing with all kinds of worms, and never had a problem with the tablets.

I'm not a big fan of frontline, the fleas coem back rather fast, and Missy gets alittle sensitive to it, and scracthes an runs around.

What sort of products do you advise are the best and good for me whos on a budget at the moment.

I'll be picking up the flea treatment monday, so could use some advice, i'm in the UK,

Also how much in the uk to you tend to pay for packs of frontline and advantage? I think my vet tends to be a rip off when it comes to fleaing, and i'd just like to know, how much you've paid.

thanks again!
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I use Advantage which comes in a pack of 4 which cost about £16. I have 3 cats so have to buy packs more often which of course makes it more expensive. However i think that it is worth the expense, the drops are easy to use. The only hard part is too try and remember not to touch your cats neck until the liquid has been completely absorbed The rather pungent smell from the drops doesn't last long.

For worming, again i go to my vets for Drontal tablets. These dont come cheap and the number of tablets you need depend on the weight of your cat. For example Jake takes 2, Jaz 1 and a half and Izzy has 1. However they do last 3 months and again i believe they are worth the money.

Forgot to say Advantage needs to be used every month, though during the colder winter months of December and January i haven't dosed mine. Will start again in March as spring arrives.
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Thanks for this, this is great! really! i'll keep using the tablets for worms and try the Advantage, I rang my vet and the packs of 4 are £13 for cats under 4kg,

I'll get some on monday when I take Simba and Star in for 2nd part to there vaccines. thanks again!
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The drops you were referring to might have been Revolution. It helps with fleas, earmites, roundworms, hookworms and heartworms. I did not read that it helped with tapeworms, however, so dewormer might still be needed.
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there is a new worming product that is like Frontline, and I can't remember the name of it, but the vets should know. like Frontline, it has to be done monthly. I have used Advantage on my male cat, but it doesn't treat both kinds of worms, so he still has to have wormer, so I don't use it all the time, and I pay nearly £5 per dose (he is over 5kg). I pay slightly more for my Frontline than that, I pay £27 for a 6 month supply, but I do have 2 cats, so doesn't last all that long. If you can get your vet to give you a prescription, you can get it online at a fraction of the price - I can post a link to a site if you want, and I know a rescue that use it and haven't had any probs.
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Hi booktigger,

I am a bit confused, Advantage drops are for fleas, the drontal tablets are for all types of worms.

My Jake is a great one for mousing so i have to keep his worm treatment up to date, and of course because he is in close contact with my other two they have to be regularly dosed as well.

I need to visit my vet as all mine are due for their worming tablets......sigh... beans on toast again !
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Sorry, must be getting mixed up with the other one he has - they treat fleas, earmites and one of the two worms, and I can't think of what they are called either!!
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