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how much to feed

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I have recently started feeding my 2 cats canned Wellness. They LOVE the chicken and herring. I used to free feed dry food. So, not sure how much to feed them. I was feeding one can per day, but since the weather has been cooler, they seem to be wanting more. Is it normal for cats to want to eat more in the winter? How much more should I feed them?

Many thanks!
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on the can should be a guidline by wt ... my Kandie ate 10 ounces per day when eating wet only .. 6 when she ate wet and dry...
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My girls are absolutely eating more on colder days! I only feed them dry food (except an additional 3 oz of wet food on Saturday); the dry food amount is 1/2 cup each daily. However, since the recommended daily amount is between 1/2 and 3/4 cup, I will add more at night if they finish the 1/2 cup I give them in the morning....
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The prob with the guidelines (in the UK anyway), is that the guidelines are high, so you could be overfeeding by going off them.
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Ugh! How much do they weigh?
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Incidentally, my vet also confirmed that for me last week.
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They are both 13 and in great health...but I am still concerned to keep them in good health.

Izzy weighs 10lbs and in perfect shape
Roadie weighs 13 pounds. A bit chunky but the vet does not seem to be concerned since she is 13, he likes that she has extra weight.

I may be overboad with concern but I want their senior years to be as great as their early years..

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The only prob with one of them having a bit of extra weight is that cats put weight on when they get older, so you don't want him to put too much more on, cos that can cause health issues that are already more likely with age. I feed my overweight senior cat with senior food, but my other oldie is slightly underweight so she has to have adult food.
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