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Settling in

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The cats seem to have taken the move pretty well. Rowdy has been into every cupboard in the house. (I have to buy some baby locks). The boys are hanging out, as usual.

The dogs are doing OK, too. They aren't eating as much, as they used to but, I'm watching to be sure that they aren't losing weight. When I get home from work, I've been going out and throwing the tennis ball, for them. They have also made friends with the neighbor dog. He and Ike pee through the fence, at each other.

"Ike's" sofa belonged to Bill but, Ike seems to like mine, just as well. Pearlie has her crate and blankie and she's happy. Rowdy and Pearl have their usual evening romp. So far, they haven't wrecked anything.

My queen-sized bed is being delivered today. Now, it won't be so crowded, when I go to bed. Three cats and a hundred-and-plenty-pound woman, in a twin bed, make for some uncomfortable sleeping arrangements.

Downscaling, from a three-bedroom house, to a two-bedroom apartment, has necessitated some changes. A baby gate, across the hall door, keeps the dogs out of the litter boxes and I have to put the cats' bowl on top of the refrigerator. Payday, I'm going to buy another gate, for the kitchen door.

I think the move has been more traumatic, for me, than for the critters.
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Glad to hear you are settling in okay.

Hmm, try a three hundred plenty woman and 10 cats in a twin! Well, 9 of them were sitting on me waiting for me to wake up and feed them. The 10th one was curled up by my chest.
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After several hours and some skinned knuckles, I have the bed assembled and ready for tonight. Of course, I had WAY more help than I needed - Rowdy kept trying to steal my bolts, wrench and hex key. Opie wisely stayed on the couch.

If I EVER decide to buy another canopy bed, someone STOP me! The head-and footboards did not want to line up with the corner posts, bolt holes didn't want to line up without a lot of banging and installing the top rails is definitely a two-person job.

I put the box spring on the frame and turned around to bring in the mattress. Buddy was already piled into the middle of the spring. Removed him and turned to drop the mattress on top and there was Rowdy! Mattress finally positioned, I unwrapped my new mattress pad, only to find BOTH of them in the middle of the mattress. Chased them off and got the pad on. Went to the linen closet for clean sheets, came back and found the Evil Twins were back in the bed.

All told, it took me approximately 15 minutes to get the bed made up - most of that time spent removing persistent felines. Rowdy is now UNDER the quilt, smack-dab in the middle and Buddy is on top, using Rowdy for a pillow. I certainly hope they'll have no objection to ME sleeping there tonight.
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