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Atrocious gas.

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Samuel has big time gas. Big stinky silent-but-violent issues going on here.

His poops are of normal consistency, and he's on a good quality food (Royal Canin Special 33 for sensitive tummies). I'm starting to wonder if maybe this is a food allergy or something similar? He never gets any people food at all, and he doesn't like treats.. I can't figure out what else might be causing it. The water here kind of sucks, but I don't think it would cause gas.

does anyone have any ideas? He doesn't seem to have any discomfort.. so I guess its mostly curiosity on my part.
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Some cats are just gassy
I have one stinkbutt here, unfortunately for me she always wants to share them with me.
She gets bad about once every week or two.
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hehe. he always acts like it wasn't him. I swear he gets that offended look!
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how long has he been on this food and what was the food prior?? I would suspect corn or soy as the culprit
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My youngest kitty Lola has the same problem.
She is getting better though.
I think it is the rich food, they just have to adjust to it.
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Originally Posted by sharky
how long has he been on this food and what was the food prior?? I would suspect corn or soy as the culprit
He's been on it about a month...maybe a little less.
Before this he was in a shelter, and they fed him Excel light, which I have never heard of and they told me has been discontinued. They gave me enough to transfer him onto a new food. I first put him on Natural Balance, but it didn't agree with him at all. He had the major runny poops.. so I went in search of something for sensitive stomachs, and found Royal Canin.

It firmed up his stool and made it less smelly. He also loves it, and eats less of it than he did of Natural Balance, so I figured I would stick with it for now even if it is a bit pricey.

He gets Laxatone every couple of days, and I don't know if he was on that before. That could be a factor.
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Ollie doesnt do it frequently, but when he does, MAN ARE THEY BAD!! And 9 times out of 10 it's like he knows its comin and he'll stroooooolllll over to mommy and rub all up on me like he's givin me lovin and right when the tail gets to my face, *poof* and then he darts away like "haha! I farted in your face, mommy and it's stinky!" The best, however, was the one night when my BF Jim was up visiting and was sitting on the floor against the bed, Ollie was on the bed with me and laid one right on top of Jim's head.... so you're not the only one with a stinky kitty... but if it's happening very frequently maybe a vet visit is in order
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I know some people who have gotten some relief by switching to a single protein single carb food (allergy food) for cats. One is made by Natural Balance, and i'm not sure who else makes them.
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Both my boys do it but the girls don't and they too like to do it in my face or if they are on my lap and I put them down or chase them off the computer or kitchen units.

I am sure it is revenge.

Can't help loving them though
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Rocket sometimes has gas, too. I give him a product called Pet Authority Cranberry and Papaya Digestive Supplement which I found at Petsmart. I put it on his food. It seems to help quite a bit. Avoiding cat foods with a high proportion of grains is helpful, too.
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thanks! I'll definitely look for those the next time I'm at Petco.
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