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Need Help Immediately....please

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My sisters 13 years old Cat Brandy is not well. Brandy has not been eating or drinking. Also noticed that brandy's stool is almost black. My sister thought Brandy was stressed because of Erin (my sister) having a baby, but I don't think that is the case. Erin brought Brandy to the Vet and was looked over; the Vet said that Brandy's gums are kind of white, not pink like they are supposed to be. The Vet pulled up Brandy’s fur and skin to see how hydrated he is but the skin stayed up. Erin, has not yet gone ahead with the tests. I am just wondering if anyone might recognize any of these symptoms?
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It is impossible for any of us to accurately know what the problem is, but I know from what you are saying that this kitty is severely dehydrated. Is she still with the vet or is she at home with your sister?
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Don't know if it's the same with cats, but i've heard that when people crap black it's usually kidney issues. Good luck.
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Brandy is at home, and my sister is trying to give Brandy water.
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How is she giving him water? Did the vet send her home with sub-q fluids?

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Gums white and black stool are indicative of internal bleeding somewhere.
Gums are white from anemia, black stool is typically red bloodcells that have been absorbed into the digestive tract, though sometimes black stool indictates an extremely high amount of iron.

In people this would be a strong sign of a bleeding ulcer.
Not sure what the causes could be for a cat
This could be very serious.

I wish you, your sister, and Brandy the best, please, keep us updated.
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I agree with poster, Aryln... And if there is ANY way, you can push fluids into your kitty, do it soon! I actually, am VERY surprised a vet would let a cat that ill, go home, without re-hydrating it Maybe she could contact a new vet soon??? Good luck with your little sick kitty.
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I had been telling Erin, about what you all have thought. I told her she has to bring Brandy back to the Vet.

Well... I just found out that Erin has brought Brandy to the Vet Emergency, she will be keeping Brandy there, for them to take care of him and to do all the test they need to do. I will keep you all posted.
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Sending good vibes your way.
I'm glad your sister took her in again.. older cats can deteriorate very quickly.
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Hope Brandy feels better soon, the best place for him is the vets untill he's better
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I'm glad your sister took Brandy into the Emergency Clinic. Most of us know how quickly a cat's condition can deteriorate when there is something seriously wrong. With Brandy's symptoms, it does sound as if he is very sick. I hope that this all comes out well. Please keep us posted.
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Sending best wishes to Brandy. Arlyn posted everything (and more) that I was about to say..good thing I read through to the end...glad to see the cat is back at a vets for care. I hate being so behind on the board
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Hope Brandy gets diagnosed with something easy to fix and gets back to normal real soon. Prayers to him.
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I am praying for sweet Brandy.
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I work at a Veterinary Emergency Clinic and am also surprised to hear the first Dr. let the kitty go home. I agree with the above that white gums, dark stool and dehydration are not good things and kitty should be hospitalized. Kitty is losing blood somewhere and maybe will need a transfusion.....
Whiskers crossed for Kitty..
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