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soft bowels

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My rescued cat has had soft bowels since I adopted him last April. I assumed it was just his makeup, since he came with a clean bill of health. I didn't even have my vet check him out. He tested negative, parasite free etc. have the records. But I was always annoyed about his "
soft ice cream" texture, while my other cats have the nore desirable "tootsie roll" texture. I was reading a thread on soft bowels, and some of the advice indicates he could have something , a parasite or something, starts with a c or a g, never heard of it, that can go undetected. I intend to have his stool tested next friday when I am taking two other cats into the vet. My question is this: Is it possible that he has something, and the other cats cannot be affected by it? They share litter etc. I would be thrilled to firm up his bowels, since he is not very tidy in that area.

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The parasites you are referring to are coccidia and giardia. I would definitely have him checked since soft stools are not usually a normal occurrence. In addition to parasites, your kitty could have a food allergy. Common food allergies include corn and wheat, which are found in a lot of cat foods.
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If your cat gets a good bill of health from your vet, then it's probably diet. Some cats get this from cat foods containing grains such as corn, soy, and wheat.
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My Jake has soft, squidgy poo.

I have been thinking that perhaps i should get a sample checked out by the vet?
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Well, I discussed the problem with the vet and mentioned the allergy angle, he gave me some meds (steroids), gave them for three days and guess what??SOLID POO!!! First time since Fang moved in. I am so thrilled, and sooo grateful for this site!! How did I own cats for 35 years without this site?: thank you, thank you!!
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I totally understand your excitement. Spot had diarrhea for over a month and it finally resolved yesterday!
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what wonderful news! I sure hope that this continues for you. Keep us updated
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What absolutely wonderful news! I have to tell you that posts like these keep me coming back here every day! *smile* I am so glad your little guy is feeling better - and because I know how frustrating having to clean up those particular brands of smelly messes on a sometimes multiple-times-daily basis can be, I am just over the moon for you!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Give Fang (heh heh I love that name for a cat) a couple of gentle chin-scritches for me, won't you?

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