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Local Animal Shelter will not allow volunteers!!

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The local animal shelter in my area serves two counties and they are always full. I wanted to volunteer there and they turned me down. I am a college student at the local university and I have extra time to spare. I can not understand for the life of me why they reject volunteers. I told them that I would be willing to do anything, I mean anything. I think that these animals deserve some love and attention even though they are there. If I could I would bring every animal there home with me but I know that it is impossible. These animals are locked up in cages all day long. With some of these animals not getting adopted, it would be nice for them to spend their last days receiving love and affection. Is there anything I could do???
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That is quite odd. Most shelters thrive on volunterism. I would write a letter to the Humane Society and name the shelter and give them a heads up on this. That is what I would do if I were you.
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Did they give you a reason why you couldn't help?
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I'm wondering too what reason they could possibly have. It makes no sense. There is always work to do, always love that's needed!
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The only reason they gave was that they did not have the time to oversee volunteers. They said that I could donate food or bring in old newspapers if I wanted to help. This obviously did not satisfy me at all. I really like the idea of writing the humane society a letter. Thanks for the response.
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This is common in shelters that are run by governemnt agencies, as they tend to be more suable, if that's a word!

And, believe me, the supplies are just as needed and important, if not more, than man-hours. Please reconsider your decision not to drop off your newspapers, old towels and blankets, coupons for litter and food, etc.
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I will drop of food and newpapers if that is the only way I can help. I just wanted to be more involved since I have extra time to spare.
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Some people can not manage volunteers. Some people are not good at being a 'leader' So they would just rather do with out it.

They might also be afraid of you not providing the 100% specific care and instructions that they want you to give.

I remember when I volunteered at a human society, you had to feed them a certain way, open the doors a certain way, hold the animals a certain way, the list just went on and on, but they were all safety precautions.
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I know my county's humane society would never refuse volunteers. We are all volunteers, no government funding. I'm not sure what policy our city's animal control has, though.

Is there a private (not government-run)rescue in your area? They might love some help. Even if you can't foster, they might need an extra pair of hands when taking animals to the vet, or help walking dogs, or scooping litterboxes. The vets in your area probably know who is doing small-scale rescue, or an individual who is doing it out of their home with no other people helping. I bet they'd grab you up in a second.
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I stated that we never refuse volunteers. Actually, we did say "no thanks" to a guy who wanted to foster for us. He said he'd take a couple cats, as long as they could live outside under his porch. In Minnesota, in the middle of winter.

But I think he's the only one.
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LOLOLOL. I love that face
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I've never heard about refusing volunteers !!!!
This is really weird
Maybe you can try another shelter ???,
Success !!
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I have never heard of a shelter refusing volunteers. I certainly take advantage of volunteers to help me especially when I get three or four cats and I change their litter and bedding and food. Especially when it comes to giving them the love and attention the more people that handle them, "especially the kittens", the better. That makes no sense to me. And the shelter I volunteer for loves the volunteers to come in and help out. I have my own setup here downstairs. Then I take the strays to Save-a-Stray which is a shelter when they get the room for them, otherwise I care for them till then.
Everything I do is volunteer and all is kept up with donations.
I certainly would check it out.
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A shelter in my area doesn't want volunteers because they don't want the public to know what goes on inside. I know this sounds terrible, but it's true. It's a city funded shelter and they do as they damn well please and listen to no one about how they could better things for the animals. They don't intentionally harm the animals, but the animals are not treated with respect and love. It's very sad. I've tried to get the attention of animals rights groups in the area about this shelter's mysterious way of doing things, but no one will try to take action because it's government run. I could take it further, but I just don't have the time. Taking care of so many animals myself, leaves me no time for other things, like networking, etc.

I know a lot of shelters don't want volunteers because of the liability factor. This could be the case with yours and they just don't want to say so.

If you can't volunteer your efforts at the shelter maybe you'd be an asset to an animal rights groups in your area. We have some and they are always looking for volunteers to help with animal stuff.

Good luck.
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