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wow its been a while since I have caught up with this thread and sooo much has happened.
Wonderful news about Jimmy

I love your signature with Star Kitty - she is so pretty!! Thankyou for continuing this story of your crew.. I am sorry I havent kept up with it but I sure do enjoy reading it when I can
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Thank you for the compliment and yes a lot has happened..... I was just telling Dawnofsierra that I found an old disk of PhotoShop 6 that I forgot I had. That's what I used for Star's signature. It's a very simple one but it still took me TWO DAYS. I just never leaned to use it. I have decided to make a couple siggy attemps. I am going to have to search around on the web because the help section of Photoshop is not adequate for me.....!!!! I need a book called "Photoshop for Dummies".... Do they have that one out yet? Eventually I would like to make something for all my cats and somehow it feels more personal I do it OR at least try. Been playing around with a little panarama program too that cam with my camera. My biggest problem is trying to figure out how to cut and paste objects. And transparency issues.

I'm sitting here drinking my coffee with irish cream this morning. I plan on painting in the new place today. Cats and dog are still asleep this morning except for Cookie and Tink...... They are my wild morning babies and are all over the house running and jumping right now..

Have a great day Huggies!
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ahhhh sounds like its a nice morning to wake up too!!!

oh yes, they sure do have photoshop for dummies - i am sure of it!! Good luck!! let me know if you need any help with it though, as i know it fairly well

well its morning for you, but here its late evening - its just turned 11.30pm friday night, so I will be heading to bed soon. These time differences always freak me out

Tipsy and my baby girl (jasmine) are all soundly fast asleep but Cedar is walking around the house as he always does at this time.
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Huggies, It is just a wonderful morning so far...!! Irish cream always puts a smile you your face.....

And I need to tell you that your little girl Jasmine is so sweet looking in that cute little pink hat. I have noticed her several times. I am expecting my 2ng grandbaby in June........ I can't wait. My tiny baby boy is 23 and my girls are twins 28... All your babies are beautiful by the way........! Very nice looking crew.

And I might take you up on that offer of help if I get stuck. I am going to play a little bit with Photoshop this morning..... I'll let you know and thank you for the offer of help...

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I'm not sure what the deal is with Star and Toe..... They both refused to come in last night. Star slept in the shelter and Toe on top of it. It was storming again but I guess they like it outdoors. It wasn't cold however. They were dry and on the porch but I still just like them in at night. They must have had other plans though.

This morning, I went outside to bring Star in and she wouldn't let me pick her up so I got some fish and gave it to her and while she was eating I scooped her up and brought her in the house. I put her on my shoulder and she PURRED...... It was so exciting. At first I didn't even recognize it as a purr because it was so slight but the more I loved on her the stronger it got... She let me hold her close to 5 minutes while I sat on the couch...

That is such a wonderful feeling!!!!!!!!!!
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Well, Dovey, Cookie and Tink went to the vet today to get fixed and get their shots and get wormed...... Yeah.... All 12 [or should I say 13] are fixed now ......

Oh, I really liked this vet. The girls did real good when the vet tech handled them but the vet tech is a female. I put all three of them in a wire crate I have so they wouldn't be alone for their vet trip. I took them out of their crate 1 by 1 so they could get weighed and get little name tags put on their necks. It was just too cute. Dovey and Tink both weighed 6 lbs or so and Cookie weighed 7. They are all under a year old. Tink and Cookie are 10 months old and Dovey is 11 months old. The vet said their weight is great. Dovey is tall but small boned with a tiny little voice and with a big attitude. Last ngiht she kept running the other cats out of the bedroom. She wants to be the only cat on the bed with me and hubby. That's sad for Patty Cake because she like her head on my armpit under the covers... Snuggle bunny all the way.

These three have never really been handled by anyone but me and my hubby. Dovey has been to the vet once for her baby shots. This is Tink and Cookies first trip. Cookie reared up inside the office and made herself look like a halloween kitty when a dog walked in.

But this vet seemed very professional unlike that other vet. Dr Henry was very soft spoken and I bet the animals all love him. He is not gruff at all like that other vet. And he is not abrupt either which I like. I like a kind gentle vet and he seemed to fit all the criteria that I like in a vet. He will probably end up being the one for all my animals.

They are going to spend the night since it is a long drive and I am going to pick them up in the morning. They are going to call me when they finish surgery so I will know how they are doing..

I feel so relieved I took them to this vet....

Well, I am off to the new house to paint some more and get everyones new house ready!!!!!!!!!

See ya, Jenn
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Vet just called and my babies are doing great and their surgery is over!!!

They are all healthy as they can be. They did say I would have to keep an eye on Cookie's weight as she got older because she is a fat 7 lb kitty.... She does love her food but they told me she is going to have a tendency to get fat. Her mama sure is a fat cat.. I can't afford to do the Iams thing so they eat Purina Cat Chow but they snack a little too and they told me that was fine too.

She said the office and doctor were commenting on how healthy they were and how good they looked. That makes me feel so happy.

My little babies are coming home in the morning.......
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Oh that's wonderful. Isn't it amazing how slowly time goes when you are waiting to pick your kitties up at the vet!! Drives me crazy. I'm glad to hear that you like the new vet. I just got a recommendation to a new vet that i'm going to try out later this month. It seems like Lucky has gained (or definitely not lost) weight after two months on the diet. I'm worried that there is something else wrong. Hopefully this vet has some ideas (instead of yelling at me about her weight! sigh).

Cuddles to all your kitties from me!

ps: jimmy is such a cute are so lucky to get him!!!
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Time is dragging on................. Next Sunday is the day!!!
I wish you great luck with the vet... I'm going to really like Dr Henry. He is just 'vetish'..........hehe And professional.

I also got Star in the house. When she was eating with three other cats, I snuck up and snagged her and brought her in........ She let me hold her for approx 10 seconds and jumped down and glared at me. She is finally resting in her 'house box'......

Toe and Star wanted me to send you guys a message concerning Star staying outside for days.....worrying her mama....

She is going to stay in for a few days and rest up.... I am going to be the boss.... I'll try anyway.... That cute little meow gets me every time..

All the surgery kitties are doing great and running everywhere....


p.s. I am taking Yellow to the vet at 11 am today. He has lots of blood in his stools and his eyes are bad again. I'm worried about what the vet is going to say about him. He has always been a wanderer after his last 6 week stint, he has not been the same.. Taking antibiotics never really helped him. I am worried he might be dying or have cancer or something... Hubby was crying this morning over Yellow. We love Yellow so much and I hope I am just a little paranoid where he is concerned. We'll see what the vet says.
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oh poor Yellow....fingers crossed that the vet will have some answers for you. I'm keeping yellow in my thoughts and prayers today.

I'm looking forward to meeting this new vet. It's worrying me that Lucky has been on this strict diet and hasn't lost any weight. It makes me wonder if there is something else wrong (which my last vet never even considered...too busy yelling at me!). Hopefully I can get some better advice and guidance from this vet.
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I have fat cat too...... My 12 eat 18 lbs of cat food a week.....Yikes..... When you have as many as I do, it's hard to know who eats and who doesn't.

I am supposed to be cutting their food by 1/3 but that's going to be hard to do because they are used to free feeding. I just keep two large bowls full all the time. I'm going to try putting 1 out in the morning and 1 in the evening and see what happens. Instead of filling them up all the time.

Poor Lucky. He doesn't feel lucky right now. The vet also said weight gain is commion in fixed animals cause they metabolism changes. I know when I got fixed, my hips started spreading too...hehe I need to quit giving them snacks. That would probably help. They beg like dogs. I get my plate and they all gather round to watch for a tidbit that might hit the floor.

What is Lucky eating right now? How strict is his diet? Is it a special food or a smaller portion? Just curious. And I am also curious as to what the new vet will say about his diet. It might help me with my fat cats alot as well.

I have never been a successful dieter... Not long term anyway. I'm a big taco lover........


p.s. Thanks for the thoughts on Yellow. I will know something here in a bit. I am leaving in about 30 minutes so I can get there early. My husband when he walked in the door last night said "What's up"...... I said "That is cat poop in a baggie in the freezer"...... His eyes got wide but I had to get a stool sample with blood.... Poor yellow man......

We have a sing song for Yellow

Yellow Man, Yellow Man.. he sure likes to roam...
We call and we call and try to get him home...

He stays gone for weeks and roams far and wide
When he finally returns, we breathe with a sigh.

Banged up and bunged up he sleeps for days,
We sure want him to curb his kitty man ways.

He loves to eat redbirds and chase squirrels around,
His little broke leg does not slow him down.

He would be unhappy confined to just be indoors,
So we give him his freedom so he can explore.

He always comes home but we always wonder,
Is this the last Yellow man kitty adventure?

I can't stand this. I am sitting here bawling.....
I got to wash my fast and get ready to go.

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I have my fingers and toes crossed for Yellow! keep me updated...i'll be thinking of him!

Well Lucky is on a restricted number of calories. Basically she's on enough calories to meet her basic metabolic requirement. Well after doing some research and getting some great advice from on here, i decided that cutting back on dry and getting them on to more wet would be beneficial for making them feel full, and for cutting back on calories. Poor rambo had to come along for the diet ride (since they won't eat if they are separated!).

So they are on Natural Balance (low cal dry (385kcal/cup) and they get about 1/2 cup per day for both. And they both get 1/2 can of wet (wellness, eagle pack, natural balance or innova - about 190kcal/can). I try and split it up so that they get little meals throughout the day (rambo will start licking the empty bowl...or drag it over to me when he's hungry). I give 1/4 can wet each every morning and evening and give the dry when i leave for work.

It took them awile to get used to it...but they had more energy and interest in activity with it. For you with so many, you could try just switching to the weight management/low cal variety of dry...that will help with your cats being able to eat freely and get less calories. I'm not sure if you could successfully manage a strict diet for 12...i have more then enough trouble with 2.

I'll let you know how it goes with the vet, i'm going tomorrow evening. I am going to ask about a blood test to rule out a thyroid or other medical issues. Poor Lucky...she hates the vet. Maybe she'll like this one.

Let me know how it goes with Yellow...and scritches to your whole fur family!
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I AM BACK FROM THE VET......... We are going to start from the low end of things and hope it allergies. So he got a cort shot plus drops for his eyes. He did not want to give him his shot update. The blood in his stool....the vet said that can also be caused by allergies. With the cort drops and his cort shop, Monday will let us know if it is something else. He will either be better or he won't. If he is not, we are going to do a complete lab workup. He was also parasite free which surprised me because I have not wormed him since he came from his last trip.

Right now, I feel a tentative relief but it is with bated breath....... we'll just have to see how he fairs by Monday.

You kitty diet sounds rough. Rambo is pretty smart. He wants food!!! Bringing the bowl to you. That is darn smart.... I might change to a low cal diet for all of them. Not all are overweight but it definately won't hurt em. I pushed Socks out the door while ago to MAKE her exercise. She doesn't want to do anything but sleep.......

I'll let you know what happens Monday.
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Yellow eyes after two doses of his medication ointment and combined with the cort shots already seem better...... so, everything including the blood in his stool "appear" to be allergy related.. I sure hope so... I'm going to be watching his stools however and see if the blood clears up.

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Oh that's so good to hear. i was just about to ask for a Yellow update.
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Yellow looks great this morning!.. Eyes looked cleared. Haven't caught the poop yet to see if it's better but all in all.........I am inclined to believe it is allergy related.

And I'll tell you something else. I think it is something in my house causing it. The person who owns this house sprayed a termendous amt of chemicals here before we moved in. He even described it as 'overkill'... I suspect that's what it is.

I will be so glad to get in our new house.
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That makes sense. Lucky was having terrible outbreaks of sniffles, and nose and eye gunk. Once I moved to my house from the apartment it all stopped. Hopefully that's all that Yellow needs!
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Hi Renny,

That's exactly what is happening to Yellow.... I am working so hard to get our new house ready but it will still be at least a month.....

If I can hold up to the work, it won't be long.....

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latest star and yellow and jimmy update.......

All are well......... Yellow's eyes have cleared up. I am still ignoring star and she is doing better. Thank you Hissy!! Jimmy is not eating much but drinking fine. I figure eventually he'll have to give in. Steak is the only thing he has eaten so far.

And that's that...........

Also this is going to be their new stomping/exploring ground when we move. This is the view from the back door. It's ours to the top of the mountain. So many squirrels and birds to chase.... They will love it!! Since Jimmy has always been a city kitty, he'll have a lot to learn but won't take him long. It's instinctive......

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What a gorgeous and the kitties are so lucky! I am go glad to hear that Yellow is doing better too!!
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Yellow's eyes are 100 percent better now..... In the pic below, you can see just a tiny bit of discharge but that's all. And I can't wait to move... I want to see that view everyday!!

He is an old scrappy cat!!! He just showed up one day several years ago needing a home. He was either dumped or ran away from home. He's been with us for a long time. I took this a couple minutes ago.......
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
Yellow's eyes are 100 percent better now..... In the pic below, you can see just a tiny bit of discharge but that's all. And I can't wait to move... I want to see that view everyday!!

He is an old scrappy cat!!! He just showed up one day several years ago needing a home. He was either dumped or ran away from home. He's been with us for a long time. I took this a couple minutes ago.......

He's beautiful. He reminds me of mine baby Barney was I was a kid. Barney was no scrapper, more of a timid cat. We figure he was abused when he was little before we got him. It's amazing to see how resilient cats are, and how they just blossom under the right circumstances regardless of their past.
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Yellow man is something else. He likes to sleep on our chests diggin his claws in trying to give kitty love.

This is turtle......."My what big teeth we have"........hehe

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