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Star Kitty

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I am putting a link to my info on my feral cat here. I am going to continue to monitor her progress here in this area. Hopefully someone might have a few suggestions if I have questions, but I am getting carried away in the other area which was supposed to be an intro area.

But here is the link to Star-Kitty's info.

Thanks, Jenn
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Thanks for sharing your story.
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Well last night it snowed here and it is still snowing now. It is 14 degrees with a wind chill of -1. Snow is 4" deep and still coming down rather heavy.

At 3:30am I opened the door to look at the snow and a stray that myself and a neighbor feed, ran in the house freezing. All of us in the area have took to calling her Cow because she looks like a black and white cow. Cow is laying down among the other cats with her cold little feet tucked in. Dovey has growled at her several times. The dogs are ignoring her. The other neighbor tried to get her in their house and Cow would not cooperate. She stuck her head in their cat once and just looked. I'm glad she came in to warm up. Poor little thing. She has never been in here before.

I'm not letting any animals out till the sun comes up. My dogs have already went out and tinkled this morning and the cats are destined to use the "dreaded litter box" until the snow stops. The dogs did a 3 minute job outside because I sure couldn't leave them out in that.

My husband just left for work in this weather. He took my 4-wheel drive. Snow plow just went down the road and nearly got stuck. We live on a hill on a dead end road at the lake surrounded by woods. I am surprised to even see a snow plow out here.

Husband also said 13 cats is an unlucky number [with JJ] soooooo we keep Cow. She will have to be fixed. I wormed her last week. Cow is laying on the back of the couch now looking outside. Her feet are still tucked.

Also, this will probably end up being a journal of my cat journey. As soon as we close on our house we just sold, I am buying a good digital camera and will send pics of all these critters.

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wow what a story!! I have really enjoyed reading all about your family of kitties (and dogs).... thankyou so much for taking the time to share this with us. You say your not an angel, which is fine, but you & your husband surely are amazing human beings, simple that as that. Your attitude of "I'm not sure how they all ended up at my house but I couldn't not feed them or help them when I could see they were hungry and wormy and cold - it just happened" is truely amazing. You both obviously have huge hearts.

I look forward to reading this journey of yours. I may not have much advice to give, but I will most certainly be here with you every step of the way.
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Thank you Huggles.....Those were sweet things to say. I certainly don't feel too amazing.

You know, our kids are grown and gone. We're both in our late 40's. Maybe we're going through our second childhood because we do love them all very much. I am a housewife and spend all day "talking to cats" and "rolling in the floor with cat balls" and "talking kitty talk"........hehe My husband works long hrs and has a 40 minute drive to get to work so I am very attached to all of them..

***I don't roll in the floor all the time. Hurts hips but on occasion, yes....

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Another Cat! wow! Cow is a lucky baby girl
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I really enjoyed reading all about your cats and look forward to the photos.
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It is freezing at my house. Can't wait to get moved in april to our log cabin. This lease house has no insulation.

Ice and snow are falling outside and it is already about 6-8" deep. I made it to the store earlier and got a couple things.

All my cats are staying in. I was going to let them out for 30 minutes or so and they just stand at the door and look at me like I am crazy for even suggesting they might want out........hehe They want no part of that snow and ice. They have spent today and yesterday just snoozing around.

JJ, the stray cat my husband wants to keep, also spent the night in the house as well as well as Cow. He will have to get fixed when we move. My husband just adores him. He is the biggest cat I have ever seen. He is at least 25 lbs and maybe more. He shocks you with his size. He dwarfs my cats but he is pretty submissive.

I was really surprised my dogs accepted both these two cats in the house last night with no trouble. I guess since I already have 12 they just take it in stride. But JJ and Cow slept together last night on the back of the chaise lounge. I slept on the lounge as well.

I can't to get moved so we can all get settled in.. I am going to keep looking for cow and try to get her back in the house. She has been outside for hours and I can't find her. She might be under the house but I am afraid of falling on rocks if I go down there. If I broke my leg out here, no one would know and I would have to lay there in the snow.

Husband could not even get home last night. He might not be able to tonight either. I'll have photos of my crew of cats hopefully in the next couple weeks. They need a photo shoot so everyone can see how pretty they are.
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Well, I found Cow-kitty. She is under my porch. There are kids riding tubes in the snow so she won't come out right now. I'll get her when the kids go in their houses. She is just skittish but not feral. One of the little girls out there said she remembers when Cow was a kitten. She knew all the cats in the litter and everyone used to feed them. I don't know where the rest of them are but Cow is a keeper. She looks around two or so. She is a grown cat. She has been handled enough during her life that she is not totally afraid of people but she doesn't like being picked up and she has never actually belonged to anyone. Till now.

I am so glad Cow has not frozen out there.
I might change her name to Ms Priss or Prissy....

I'm not sure what JJ's story is. I have not seen him either since he went out this morning. But....unlike cow, he will go in the cat shelter on my porch. I have seen him in it. I made the door large [10" tall] so he would fit in it. The other one has a smaller door.
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glad to hear that you have found cow. I hope JJ makes an appearence soon as well
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I'm sure JJ will turn up....... He has a lot of fat on him from people feeding him so hopefully he will be alright. I still don't have Cow in but the kids just went inside so I will try in a moment.

Angie is sleeping in the dog crate right now with Emma my black lab. She is all snugged in by Emma's stomach and legs and Emma is grooming her. Emma loves her kitties. Angie slept with her all night.

My crippled cat Yellow-Man sleeps with Molly the St Bernard mix I have. They sleep back to back.

I have also moved Star-Kittys box that she likes by my feet. So she has been sleeping at my feet all day in a box and has seemed to perfer it instead of her bed. Have to trick her to get her close to me. I think she really wants to be close but she is just not certain of me 100 percent. Everynow and then, I open the top and stroke her a little. She seems to like it. She has been meowing at me too. Sometimes she just barely makes a sound when she meows but I can see her mouth move so I know she is meowing. She makes direct eye contact when she does this. It's like it's kitty-baby talk.

I am so glad I am a housewife so I can witness all this. No one would ever believe it.
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Can't find that prissy little cow-kitty to get her to come inside. Hope she comes back by night fall. I know her little feet have to be cold and freezing. Still sleeting here. At least under my porch it is dry. I'm not even sure if she is still under there.

No sign of JJ either.

I put fresh water out but dang this worries me.
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Well, I figured out how to get the little Priss Cow in the house.

I put some warm browned hamburger meat and potatoes on the porch by her shelter. I waited a few minutes and there she was. She couldn't stand the odor of meat right above her head. I went out there and picked her up with her hissing at me all the while. She is now in the house.

JJ is still not around. But he will show up. Hopefully by nightfall. And it's nearly night now.

There was another cat outside as well that resembles Cow. Probably one of her brothers. I can't bring him in but he knows about the shelter and he has warm food out there and fresh water.

I see cow on my chaise lounge right now grooming herself. I know she has to feel better in here where it's warm.

Star kitty is still resting at my feet 'in her box'.
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I have JJ in the house. He was out all night in 7 degree weather. It got up to 17 degrees today which was nice. Tomorrow it will be 42.

When I brought JJ in, he had ice on the end of his hair and his feet were absolutely freezing from walking in the ice/snow. When I put him on the side of the chaise lounge, he slid down in the middle of it where Yellow-Man was laying. It was like he had no strength or maybe that he was so relieved to be in the warmth. It was odd. Surprisingly, Yellow did not even stir except to look at him. I covered them both with a sheet and they are still laying there.

It surprises me about Yellow. He loves to snuggle me and my husband but not the cats, except for Tink. She is very submissive and he will let her lay beside him. She is the type of cat that rubs and loves on any living thing so she gets on the cats nerves sometimes with her ways. But Yellow likes her.

I guess Yellow is going to like JJ as well. They look cute curled up butt to butt covered up with their sheet. All that I can see of them is their cat heads except JJ has one leg stretched out with his head laying on it.

Cow stayed in last night. I will bring her in tonight if she will let me.

And Star, since sleeping/resting in the box by my feet is letting me pet her more. She seems more relaxed.

And that's today's saga of kitty's............

p.s. Ok, update on Yellow. He is not happy with JJ laying by him. He has his head totally under the covers except just a little. He is laying still but his ears are back. He is tolerating JJ. But he is laying there. Maybe they will become friends when JJ is fixed. JJ is not a mean cat but he is still a tom. Yellow is a med sized male, fixed, and real tough. He is a great bird hunter and stalker. He is a survivor and has been through a lot in his life.

Yellow and Toe sleep together on my bed during the day. One at one end and one at the other. They both sleep with me and husband at night. Toe is a head kitty and Yellow is a feet cat. During the night, we have cats walking on us looking for a spot to rest. Some meow and we know who it is and some don't and we recognize those by their step. Some are heavy footed and some are not. They all have their own ways. Like people.
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I'm glad you got JJ in and I hope Cow comes back in tonight. Hopefully she liked the warmth enough last night that she'll want to repeat it tonight. It's interesting reading about your adventures wtih the cats.
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Well, I got Star Kitty a kitty condo today. She loves it and won't get out of it. She has abandoned her box. It is a double and none of the other cats are interested in it at this time. Maybe they will like it later.

It's for all the cats but she is the only one interested at this time.
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I just love reading about the progress your cats are making
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Thank you Pombina.. They are something else. I am thinking of buying a digital camera today so I can post some pictures. We sold one of our houses yesterday so Monday we close on our new place on three acres. I can't wait to get my babies in their new place but it will probably be close to April until we move.
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Originally Posted by jcribbs
Thank you Pombina.. They are something else. I am thinking of buying a digital camera today so I can post some pictures. We sold one of our houses yesterday so Monday we close on our new place on three acres. I can't wait to get my babies in their new place but it will probably be close to April until we move.
Oooh definately buy a camera!!!! Please! I really want to meet them all.
Thats great news about your house!
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congrats about the new house - April isnt that far away
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No, April is not that far away...... I can't wait. I will try and get a camera tomorrow. Today was not a good day. 5-6 of my cats are sick. Husband just got home from the hospital yesterday and my daughter has pnumonia. I am a nursemaid.......

My daughter lives about 25 miles from me. So this morning, I tended to the cats, and my husband. Then about 10am, I went and took care of my daughter.....feeding her, buying her groceries and juice and a vaporizer. Then I came home, bathed my husband and changed the sheets. I just finished with my day. It is 8:30ish at night now and I am finally taking care of myself with supper. It feels like a treat. The house is spotless.

Hope tomorrow is better but more than likely it will be more of the same. Vet office was closed today. If he is not in tomorrow, it will be Monday before I can get antibiotics for the cats.
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I finally got a digital camera........

This is the link to where I am going to store my cat pictures. They are not all there yet as some run from the flash. I will get them all however. But I have a couple of Star, Toe, Kissy, Tink, Mama, Angie and Dovey.


I'm still learning how to use the camera. It is hard to get a good shot of them. They keep moving around.

I will get pictures of Yellow, Turtle, Cleo aka Patty Cake, Cookie and Socks as soon as I can. They have not been real cooperative so far. I also just discovered I can take little cat videos as well. I will try and get a picture of Cow-kitty too. She has not been around the last few days except to eat the food I keep for her on the porch. I haven't seen JJ in a couple days either. But I still watch for them and feed them.
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What beautiful kitties!
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Thank you so much. I just added Kissy and my husband when he was giving her a BABA. She was found when she was just a tiny little thing with her ears and eyes still shut. She was bottle fed and her favorite word is still BABA. I honestly believe she thinks she is human. She tries to sit on our shoulders at all times. She drinks from the bathroom sink as she only likes running water.

Juan, my husband, loves to feed her a bottle even though she is grown now. It gives us much amusement and Kissy loves it.......hehe She is spoiled rotten to the core.

When I want her to come inside and she refuses, I yell "BABA" and in she comes... She is always hoping to get one. We still warm it in the microwave for her.
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awwwww look at them all what a beautiful family

I am so sorry to hear that your husband and daughter are both sick. I hope they recover real soon
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They are both better thank you........... Husband had a hernia repaired and daughter is also doing better...

It is a vast relief.
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Hi yall ,

Well, we closed on our house today and I have 10 cats on antibiotics. Very busy day indeed. But a very good day as well.

I am going to work on our new place tomorrow. Have so much to do that I don't know where to start! The cats are going to love it!!!! It will be sometimes in April before we can actually move.

Needs major clean up, new well, new septic and fresh paint and sheet rock in two rooms. Love it love it love it!!!!

I am going to take before and after pictures of my cat haven when I get it built. I want them to have an outside shelter so if they are out and we go somewhere and weather gets rainy,cold or wet or anything my babies will have someplace to relax out of the weather. I am not sure how I want it built but it has to be safe from 'possible wild critters'. I know there are deer and turkey out there, but there are possibly boar as well. I found some rooted up areas around a tree and some hoof print that look like pig so my cats need a safe spot. There are tons of trees they can climb but I want something that leads inside the house as well. I might connect their shelter to the house but I'm just not sure. Husband will have good ideas on that. We have to get our house ready first and then we'll build them one.
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Love hearing about your adventures with your tribe.
Your description of the couple who sleep with you and their peregrinations was amusing. I have 3 whites that sleep with me, enclosing me like a coffin as I first go to sleep. Whenever I want to roll over, I have to displace someone.

I admire your efforts to adopt JJ & Cow. I have at least 3 ferals dining outside and would like to seduce a huge, battle-scarred white. He seems to have been someone's pet once, as he is not as people-averse as the others. (The food outside has also lured a raccoon regular and a skunk!)

Good lucj and please keep up the bulletins!
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I'll keep you updated. I love my cats. When we lived in town it was hard having that many. Now that we live out in the country, it's much easier. And they all moved very very easy.

JJ is also people friendly and will even run in our house if the door is open. He likes it here but he likes it outside more. Right now we can't afford to fix him so we don't let him in a lot because he sprays and then I have to spend three days getting his odor out with bleach. Stinky.........

Cow is a sweetheart and my husband says it is just pitiful how she is. She is not outside at the moment and probably roaming. We are going to take them both when we move and fix them. JJ will probably move easy as he knows all our cats and they like him. Him and Cow are friends as well. It is harder to catch Cow but when you do, she purrs and purrs and like to lay by you. She needs to be fixed also.

6 of my cats are fixed. 1, Socks, goes in the morning and then I am going to get two a week fixed so they will all be done. Those were the last ones we got.

And then JJ and Cow. We will probably get then done BEFORE we move. They can recover here in the house in a back room. I think JJ also belonged to someone once as he likes people but Cow never belonged to anyone. It's sad when an animal has to scrounge for food. That's why I keep it out for them.

So you have 10 babies? Am I reading the names right?

You are like me....... Kitty land.

My last name is Cribbs and I have considered putting a sign out front of our new place that says "Cribbs Cats" and possibly on the mailbox. hehe

Also posted more pictures of my kitty's at......

I am not sure how many photos yahoo will let me post but so far they are all going in. I'll just keep adding to the bunch as I get more.

As far as our sleeping, they just want to be in a pile with me. Sometimes I sleep on the couch and sometimes in the bed. Dovey likes to sleep with my husband but the rest perfer me or close in my vacinity. I am so used to cats walking on my body at night and I auto reach out and pet the baby. It's funny how you can tell who it is when they don't meow. But Dovey, TinK and Angie have very distinct meows. Dovey's sounds like she is asking a question. Angie has a low meow and Tink is real high and she meow over and over until I tuck her in. She is very sweet and likes to snuggle around my neck. But these three are my talkers. But Tink will not sleep until I love on her and tuck her in and tell her to settle down. Then she will lay her little head down and rest with me. Dovey sleeps between my husbands legs under the cover. He would kill me for saying that but she does. Angie like on top of the cover. Yellow likes under the cover as well but in the feet section. Toe sleep over my head on the top of my pillow. The others are just scattered around. Angie also sleeps with Emma the lab at times. Sometimes Angie gets in the huge huge huge dog crate and sleeps there. The dogs also love their crate and they lay so they can peer in waiting for her to come out. She can wait them out for hrs.........hahaha Dog and Cats have funny relationships.

From: Cleo aka PattyCake, Kissy Kitty, Mama Kitty, Star Kitty, Socks, Dovey, Angie, Cookie, Tink, Turtle, Yellow, Toe-Man, JJ and Cow........ and my dogs--Molly, Muffin and Emma
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Socks is at the vet getting fixed today......... Poor baby. Tuesday Turtle and Angie are going......

The next two weeks are surgery weeks.

Yellow is already feeling better after only two doses of his antibiotics. He has been playing today. And Turtle's eyes look so much better already. He actually is opening both of them. Thank god for antibiotics. And after giving Star two doses, she knows what I am doing. She runs from the antibiotics and doesn't want them. I tasted it and it tastes like a childs pink antibiotic. Not too bad.. Cats hate it however... hehe

Now off to the new place to get it ready for us.
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