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meet prissy

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my sister got a new kitty. her name is prissy but we are changing it my sister is thinking of Nanoir some how its a mix btw Nanouk and Eeyore her two other cats that both ran away
Nanoir is quite a bit over weight she has been fixed and is up to date with all her shots. she is three years old we got her from the HS. she is a little scared but loves cudles. she is more scared of casmo and the dogs though she spent the entire day behind the dishwasher.i dont have any pictures yet on this computer so your going to have to wait but i will post one here asap.
my dogs are surprisingly ok with her they just like to keep an eye on her but they broke into to a fight just earlyer.
casmo is not to fond of her she keeps her distance and hisses at her but im sure that will wear of
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It's great that she got a cat who loves to cuddle! I'm sure everyone will get used to each other soon. Congratulations to your sister!
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