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Kinda gross

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Before Ivory's eye was removed, it had swelled quite large and caused some minor, yet permanant issues with the sinuses and nasal passages.

To put it bluntly, the poor girl is plagued with crusty nose goblins.

Is there any secret to regular removal aside from washing the nose of a very uncooperative, unhappy cat several times a day?
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Would one of those baby booger sucker things help? They're kinda teardrop shaped and work by creating a small vacuum. Dunno what they're called, but they are in baby sections in most places.
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They're called bulb syringes and no, these are hard crusties so I use a washrag to soften and wipe them away.

Good suggestion though and would probably work if not for the crusty part.
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What about administering a simply saline solution, like they use for babies, to keep the mucus from becoming crusty? Then possibly you could try the bulb syringe.
My gosh, I can't imagine trying to do this on a cat, though! Good luck, Arlyn!
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Yeah, I'm sure sje'd probably hate that even more lol.
Oh well, I'm probably already doing the best thing I can for her in this situation.
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Garfield has feline herpes, and often has a crusty nose. He hates to have it wiped, too.

I use a natural (unscented) chapstick on his nose sometimes, to help the boogies come off easier. He hates the chapstick as much as he hates having his nose wiped with a warm washcloth...but his nose seems to breakdown if it gets too boogery.

I also take him into the bathroom with us alot when we bathe or shower. The moisture seems to help his nose, and helps soften the crusties.

Vaseline or Bag Balm would work for the nose, too, but I thought part of the objection might be the scent, so Gar has his own chapstick now. He despises it, but it does help the boogies slide off easier! LOL!
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LOL why do I always click into the "gross" stuff while I'm eating?
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Poor kitties with crusties!!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
LOL why do I always click into the "gross" stuff while I'm eating?
You too Sam?
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