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Does anyone else have this problem??

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My little Kiki is about 6 months old and she does not clean her behind area, if you know what I mean. Every couple of days I have to wash the area for her because it gets a little stinky. This really makes Kiki very angry.
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I don't usually have that problem w/my cat. But, there have been times that I had to clean back there because there was something stuck, or maybe kitty just didn't so such a good job.

When my cat gets wet (from a bath or an occasional squirt from a water bottle), he usually licks the wet area. Perhaps you could wet the cat's bum and see if she will then clean back there. If you do that every so often, she might get the idea.

How old was she when you got her? If she wasn't w/her mom long enough, she might not have learned proper bathing habits so you could try to teach her.

But, cats have their own personalities so it's possible she just doesn't groom all that much. The other times I've heard of this happening is when a cat is overweight; they can't reach back there too well. But, I wouldn't think that would be the problem of a kitty .
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Is your kitty long haired? Long haired cats can get to be a real mess back there and it can be difficult for them to clean themselves. I have a Persian and I have to monitor his bum to make sure it's clean. Sometimes he'll have little ahem... poops stuck in his fur.

If this is the case, shaving her bottom might help.
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Does she have loose stool? Other than the ideas already given, that's all I can think of. I've only noticed that problem in older animals, or sick ones.
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Arizona's butt is always dirty--she's got long hair, so she ends up with litter stuck to her. She also has a big tummy, so she can't really get all the way back there. I try to brush the junk out, and sometimes wipe her down with one of those kitty wipes. She HATES it, but I'm persistent!
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Kiki was about three months old when I got her. Her stool is normal and her weight is normal. She will clean around the area but she will not clean the place she needs to for some odd reason. I am hoping that with me cleaning the area she will get the idea with time. Usually after I clean it she will go and clean it. Thanks for the ideas.
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My Loki never cleans his behind even though I is very good with cleaning everywhere else. He does try once in a while but gives up right away. And you should see his face - mouth half open and an
expression of YUCK on his face - it's too funy. I wipe his butt every couple of days with babywipes.
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I guess we should have known! Why do an unpleasant job when you have a personal maid to do it for you? After all, they are royalty and we are commoners!
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:laughing2 I completely agree with you Jeanie. :laughing2
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Jeannie: You gotta point
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gee , wish I had known about that long before ....
Hey humans , you really think it's so much fun licking that aerea Oh well , I KNOW WHAT : you are all jalous that you cannot reach that far !!!!!!!!!!!

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Sometimes after doing their business, C & K might have some hanging poop on their behind... Now THAT'S intresting to clean off, since it's fresh....I had a "pleasure" of being Kitty's spot to clean her rear end, as she wiped it to my pants... the odor...
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We had that problem with Pepper until she was about a year old, hence her nickname "Stink"!

She's alot better about her hygiene now that's she's grown up, but her and all the cats have the problem occasionally.
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