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URI and permanent loss of the sense of smell?

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My cat had an URI when I got her; she was 8 weeks old at the time. She was also malnurished. Anyway, she had a very runny nose, with yellow mucus coming from it. And sneezing etc.

She is now around 8 mo. old and I'm wondering if she had a permanent damage to her nose due to her URI? She seems to be able to smell things, but maybe not as well as she should? The reason I'm wondering, is that she doesn't have much of a reaction to smells that normally are offensive to cats. For excample, during Christmas we sprayed all kinds of yucky stuff on the tree to keep them away from it, and our other cat would react to those scents as soon as she entered the room. Our Jasmine, though, didn't seem to even notice.

Even if I have just peeled myself an orange, she'll be right into the plate, sniffing and checking that orange peel out. Our other cat will instantly back off, as soon as she gets a whiff of it.

Jasmine just doesn't seem to catch on; maybe she's not that smart, after all she fears nothing, including the vacuum cleaner. Or maybe she can't smell much of anything, or maybe she's just a toughy!!! Do you have any experience with these things? I'm thinking it's possible that her early life could have caused her some damage; she was very very skinny and sick when we first got her, also with worms and fleas. And we don't know anything from her past, I found her at a low funds animal shelter. But after getting her on Nutro natural kitten food and NutriCal supplement, she quickly gained weight and she was successfully treated for all illnesses / problems. She's a super duper great cat today, the best one I've ever had, and looking so beautiful and healthy.
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Tuffy was a very sick stray when I found him. He also had a very bad URI, he even had the yellow junk coming from his eyes. It took a long time and alot of antibiotics to get him healthy again. I had to put food in his mouth to get him to eat at first because he couldn't smell and could hardly see. Its been almost 7 months now and he just got his sence of smell back to what I would say is normal for a cat. He is older than your kitty though so I don't know if that changes things. I was worried that he would never have a good sence of smell, but when it came back it was pretty sudden so maybe your kitty's sence of smell might come back some day also. Your kitty sounds so much like Tuffy when I first got him home. He was so sick we wondered if he would even make it. But he didn't give up and I didn't give up on him and the vets office have been great. That why I gave him the name Tuffy, because of all he has been through. He is also a very special kitty just like yours is.
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