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Nail Polish

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Is it just me and I'm incompitent when it comes to nailpolish or is it a huge responsibility to wear it?

Reason I ask is that I like to wear nail polish as otherwise my nasty habit of biting nails returns. However within a day (sometimes the same day) the tips have already chipped off. I repaint over them, but to no luck.

This is how I do it:
Place 2 coats of nailpolish on the base of the nail.
Then another 2 coats of a sealer, usually a "Grow Strong" type of polish.
Then I sit very still for a 1/2 an hour as the 60 seconds to dry is a LIE for me.
Then I run my nails under cold water for another 2 minutes, just to make sure they're dry (read to do that in a Teen magazine back when Dinosaurs roomed the earth).

Any other tips? I"ve tried switching the layering around, using only 1 brand etc.
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I go for dark pink and red creams because many of them cover in one coat. The first coat dries quickly and I am too impatient to wait very long. It chips as soon as I do dishes or wash my hair. I usually re-apply over the chips once. After that I strip it and start over.

The undercoat and overcoat layers don't work for me. I try doing things while its still tacky and ruin the whole thing.
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Yeah, a few.

1. Try using a ridge-filler type base coat first. It will make your polish look nicer, too.
2. Make sure you don't have lotions or creams on your nails.
3. Don't use the quick-dry kind. They chip horribly.
4. Touch up your (clear) top coat regularly.

Also, I've had really good luck with Revlon's dual-polish formula. It might be called Colorstay. It has a color coat and its own top coat. It doesn't last as long as they claim (of course), but it lasts several days.
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I always put a base coat on first ( I wear bright reds so i have to!), then the one i've found that dries quickly and doesn't chip because i've had it on my toe nails for over a week now and it's still perfect!, is two coats of Loreal's " Laqui Resist ".

Another one that lasts for ages is one i got from a member here for christmas by a company called "OPI ". I've never heard of them, but it's good
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I consider myself the nail queen

this is the only pic I have with them in it

yes, there real

You are putting too many coats on. The thicker the layers of polish, the more likely they are to chip. I never use a base coat unless the color I'm using is really dark. start by washing your hands to remove any oils etc... let hands air dry, apply 1 Thin coat of polish- let it dry completely (at least 20 minutes)
apply 2nd coat, let dry-- apply top coat if desired--again make the coats as thin as possible. The cold water trick is great! Oil is a good "setter" too. the polishes I've had the most wear from are: Sally hanson teflon tough-- and Rimmel with lycra-- this one is really great wear wise, and they have a lot of cool colors. Hope I helped
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A clear top coat of Sally Hansen's Teflon Tuf will keep my nails chip-free, for up to two weeks. I usually do them, every Sunday, though.
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OPI is a great polish. I don't polish my own nails. They are done for me at manicure. My nail tech uses one base coat, 2 coats of polish, and a topcoat.

I never have chipping issues.
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I do better with 2 coats of OPI polish and a topcoat. My toenail polish wil last for weeks like that, and my fingernails about a week. The massage oil I use and constant handwashing make mine chip sooner that most people's. Orly is another salon brand of polish that is really good. CVS pharmacies are selling it now, too.
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whats nail polish?

just kidding

wish I had time to paint my nails
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I use..

Sally hansens nail growth as a base, and then L'Oreals hardening nailpolish, two coats of those and then im done, they dry with in 5 minutes so my nails are perfect for 5 days.
I just started taking care of my nails again and they look so much healthier!
I have horribly thin nails!
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Arggh, I've got to cut my nails again. I have a thing about them, I've always been fussy and can't handle those nail clippers for a reason. They just gross me out, so I have to use scissors and 2 different files to get them right. It's always such a chore! My husband thinks I'm nuts.
I do like nail polish though. I love trying fun funky colours too, it's something I've never grown out of! I always put on 2 coats, and let each coat dry thoroughly. Then I avoid water for a few hours - especially doing dishes as this will quickly ruin the colour. At least that's my excuse!
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Ihave icky week nails. The best thing for anyone to do is to were rubber/latex gloves when doing dishes. I have used several brand w/o much success. I have though used OPI's Nail Envy which is for brittle nails with success. There polish is pretty good to. But as a gardener come springtime the nails (and fingers) can begin their season of looking bad. But colored nailed polish hides the dirt stuck under the nails.
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Thanks everyone!

OK, I'm trying just one layer of polish right now and two of the top coat. I might even go out and buy the OPI nail polish. Really though I started to go to get manicures, but the polish would may be last a day longer. I know what most of my problem is: my job. Reaching insider computers, carrying heavy stuff, etc isn't great for the nail polish. Hopefully once I get my masters the crawling under the desk or into the ceiling bit will be done!

The other part is that my nails are just so dry all the time. There are moments when I'm peeling some of the dead nail off (I know - ew). I've been trying to figure out how to prevent this or lessen it. Oh well.
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I don't wear the colored polish anymore-I deal with too many chemicals at work that take it off, anyway, so if I bother, I've come to like a clean, clear polished look & use one of those white pencils underneath for a French manicure style. I save the colors for my toenails!
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MIne grow really nicely when I'm not stressed... and i HATE to wear polish on them because my nails get really dry and weak and flaky underneath it because I don't any air or moisture to them.
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
MIne grow really nicely when I'm not stressed... and i HATE to wear polish on them because my nails get really dry and weak and flaky underneath it because I don't any air or moisture to them.
Hmm...that's good to know.

Well it has been 24 hours with the 1 layer of polish and the 2 layers of top coat. And yep, they're chipped.

It is funny though, someone else mentioned how toe nail polish will last for weeks (one summer I never even repainted mine). Maybe a little toe sweat is all I need (ew)
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