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Saturday's DT

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I love the weekend!! I hope everyone else is enjoying theirs as well.

Nothing much going on here. Summer traffic is already starting. I'm telling you I think when the weather warms up people forget how to drive. I hate living in a popular vacation area.

I took my dog for a nice walk in the park and surprisingly there wasn't many people there. Scooby did make a new friend though. He was a bit upset because he didn't get to play with the dog longer.

My friend came up from RI. Nice to see a friendly face you haven't seen in a while.

Well I guess I should go and walk my other dog before it starts to pour. The weather around here can be so strange. There wasn't a cloud in the sky this morning now it's about to downpour.
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Nothing much going on here. Hubby is cleaning the computer room - YEAH!! The cats are busy exploring the "new" areas of floor they haven't seen in months.

Happy to say the Avalanche won today 5-3 against the LA Kings. They are now up by 2 games in a best of 7 series. GO AVS!

That storm that was supposed to hit us fizzled out, just like every storm system this year. It is way too dry. I'll take some of the rain, Jessica! Send it down this way!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Well, I worked all day, and then came home to find that my boyfriend couldn't even do a load of dishes even though he has the whole weekend off! So I had to do all of the dishes. But now, I am relaxing and catching up on the site! The weather here was beautiful today. But I think the day-time high was only 12 degrees. At least the sun was shining, and still is!! Have a good one everybody!!
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Falling rain I know exactly how you feel. Brian can't even seem to put his dirty dishes in the dish washer when he's done. I constantly have to remind him then he grunts about it.

Or what gets to me is when the trash is piled high and he throws something else on top of it which just rolls off and falls in the back of the cabinet. So that leaves me with the job of picking up the trash AND taking it out.
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Started at my new store, today. That extra hour's sleep did me a world of good. This is a much nicer store, too and not as busy. Bill said that my getting home at 3:05 will take some getting used to. It is so nice: only 4:40 and I've been to the library and gotten groceries and have the rest of the evening to relax with Bill and Opie! Have a good weekend!
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