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Getting Comfy In The Can...

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My cat "Kind" has started to get comfy in her litter box, wanting to lay down or sitting for long periods of time. Everytime she does this I debate on whether I should kick her out of it or if she is comtemplating the "duty". Also when she does this, she stares at me with a hard glare...am I in trouble with her? My husband and I are due to have our first baby next month so we have been moving things around and displacing Kind a little bit and unfortunately her box is an open pan in which Im thinking she is feeling a little embarassed hence staring at me to make sure im not staring at her. I took a small cardboard box and proped it up in front of the litter pan so that she can't see me nor can I see her while she uses the potty...so far so good and I havent caught her relaxing in the box for the last 12 hours or so but is it just coincidence or have I solved the issue?

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Is she actually pooing in the box or just trying to? If She isn't having a problem pooing in her pan then I would suggest getting her a covered cat box. I don't want anyone looking at me while I am doing my buisness (not that my cat respects that wish! she insists on being in my lap! ) and i would think the kitties feel the same way.
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I get 4 cats and 3 dogs watching me, they don't seem to mind sharing 'The Moment' at all, if I shut the door they stand outside and scratch at it.

I recently had both a covered and uncovered tray, they seemed to prefer the uncovered one, maybe my cats just don't have any inhibitions
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I would also say try a covered box to see if this behavior stops... the basic ones are pretty cheap at walmart - maybe 12 bucks or so - so if it doesnt solve the problem, you're not out a whole bunch of money... It's what Oliver uses and he gives me the "peepee face" (which is what this glare youre describing sounds like to me) out the little door while he's going, haha... I had to take the door flap off of mine (very easy to do, btw, they just snap on an off), poor kitty man held it in all nite the first nite I gave him the new box cuz I didnt have a place to keep his old one set up and he didnt understand/like the door flap... the covered boxes give your kitty privacy as well as help cut down on smell and litter fling-age and Oliver's a big digger when it comes to covering his dooty, so now he scratches the inside walls of the box and not the apartment walls... anyway, just pointing out all the advantages of covered boxes I guess, haha... I tend to go on tangents...
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The first cat I ever adopted from the Animal Shelter was sleeping in her litterbox. I don't know what drew me to her, but that certainly made me notice her. She stopped doing it after a month or so at home. Covered litterbox definitely helps.

I had to rig up a litterbox cover since I don't have anywhere to really put the litterbox anymore. I took a humongous rubbermaid and cut a hole out of one side. It's actually large enough that while Angelo is doing his business, Penny will walk in and watch.

Angelo makes a concentration face too. It's kinda funny to watch.
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