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Are your Christmas decorations still up?

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I was just out and I amazed by how many people still have their Christmas decorations up! I even saw some Halloween decorations.

My decoratiosn were down by the middle of January. Are your decorations up? If they are, why?
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Mine are down!!!! Fess up Karen your's are still up!!!
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They are down! I am even pushing the season and have my St Patrick's Day flag up!
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Mine are down. I actually took my tree down on New Years Eve during the day because I was sick of looking at the state of it! Sleeves and Nismo totally wrecked it, it was funny to begin with but it made the room look awful lol.
I kept my cards and everything else up until the middle of Jan. I find it hard to let go of Christmas
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I took mine down New Years day. I couldn't take it anymore!
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Mine are down!

I wish it was Christmas all year long!
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Well I'm at my mom's place right now, but she's like me and takes hers down on New Years Day.
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I put all of my stuff away Christmas night
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I took mine down New Years day got fed up with them.
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i don't decorate for Christmas.
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Mine are also down. Took them down 2 days after christmas because it's just depressing. lol.
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I take mine down new yrs day. However I have several outdoor containers that are full of pine/spruce boughs and other twigs and such. I have to wait now until they thaw to empty them!!
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Mine are boxed away now until december.

I bet no one owns up
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I bet no one owns up
I bet you're right Susan!
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Actually, I just think that nobody with cats would leave them up that's too hard to keep our little angels away from the decorations!
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If you had asked this question YESTERDAY, I would have had to own up Why? Sheer inertia. I HATE having Christmas decorations up beyond Epiphany (Jan 6), and usually take them down then or within a day or so. I was just in a weird space this year, and didn't get to it, and didn't get to it, and didn't get to it....

Last night, I stayed home from choir practice, because I have a bit of a cold, knew we weren't doing anything I couldn't afford to miss, so decided not to share my germs (aren't I sweet?). So, Rob was out and I was rattling around doing all kinds of stuff I had been avoiding, like taking the Christmas decorations down and putting them away. I felt soooooooooooo righteous when it was done!
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Well, since the only Christmas decorations I had this year were two large poinsettias and a Santa Class, they are still 2/3 up. My poinsettias usually stay until about May, when I decide they are too unattractive to keep. I've never tried to keep any over for the next year. It is just too difficult to do in this climate without a greenhouse.
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Ours came down the day after we returned from our Christmas trip to visit family. Actually. . . the cats started helping with that while we were gone. They got a whole lot done that week we were away!
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I voted other since I still live in an apartment and I'm not here for Christmas, so I didn't bother decorating it.
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i took mine down two days after xmas
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I didn't put any decorations up this past Christmas, so I'm in the clear!
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Sadly, I don't decorate.
I'd love to, but with chew happy cats and a dog that will ingest anything, I don't feel safe doing so.
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Ours came down in phases. I took down the tree and the train a few weeks ago. My wife took down the nativity scene and put away the cards soon after that. I took the lights down from the house last weekend, which was the first weekend since Christmas that it didn't pour down rain.
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