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Am I Paranoid???

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Hello all!

I adopted my girls a month and a half ago so I am new to the world of cats. I love them dearly and want to make sure I care for them thoroughly. With that being said, I am not sure if I should be concerned with some breathing issues I have witnessed in Stevie.

First, she does sneeze ever so often. Not all the time, but I do hear her sneeze at least every other day. Second, I have caught her on a few occassions breathing quite heavy. Third, I have twice heard her make a noise that almost sounds like she is trying to scratch her throat. Lastly, she snores sometimes (it was more frequent when I first brought her home).

I left a message for the vet, but I also wanted to see if anyone here has some insight for me. Are there signs I should look for that signify an illness?

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It could be an upper respiratory infection URI so it's good that you are seeing the vet. Sounds like you are a good meowmy to your kitties.
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Sounds like it could be a upper resperatory infection. A lot of cats fromt he shelter come home with this. But no worries this is something easily treated.

You did the right thing calling the Vet - just follow his advise and you will and the girls will be fine!
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I am still waiting for the vet to call back....I plan on calling again in the afternoon if I don't hear back from her!
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One sneeze every other day sounds harmless to me. Is the scratchy throat noise a purr? One of my kittens was adopted by someone who had only owned dogs before, and the first few times he purred she thought something was wrong with him!

It is ALWAYS best to check with the vet...after all, better safe than sorry, but I'm guessing Stevie is doing just fine!
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Thanks for the reassuring words because the vet actually said I have nothing to be concerned about! She said to watch her this week (I am off from work) and if by the end of the week I am still worried, I should bring her in..... I have a feeling I will be there anyway!!

Also, I think some of her noises may be purring!!
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'Lastly, she snores sometimes'

My Izzy (14) snores all the time and very loudly. Sometimes we even have to turn the TV up

Glad to hear that your vet says everthing is ok.
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Originally Posted by VampireCat

Glad to hear that your vet says everthing is ok.
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Happy to hear that the vet thinks all is well. Just keep an eye on her and watch for any changes.
Luna sneezed some when I first brought her home, probably for about the first couple of weeks, but never regularly. Sometimes she sounded like she had too much saliva gurgling in her throat while she purred, too. Apparently, the vet thought it was just the change in the environment from the shelter to my home. She's fine now!
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I think that having time off (I'm a teacher and we are off this week) is dangerous because I am analyzing everything!!

I noticed that Layla has black stuff in her nose so I searched this forum and read that it may be a sign of a URI. I really think that both of my girls have an infection (and Stevie just sneezed; the first one I heard today)! With that being said, I am taking them both to the vet tomorrow; either my instincts are correct or I will make an appt with a psychologist to get my head examined!!

Thank you everyone for all of your support!
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